Planning a second pregnancy

For those who are currently expecting an addition to their current family of three or are planning on getting pregnant with baby number two- I have a truth bomb for you that may be hard to hear, but it is for your own good, so here goes: No one cares about your second pregnancy. If you want to come down the rabbit hole with me, I will be happy to tell you all about the semi-secret etiquette rules surrounding pregnancy, babies, and especially baby showers. I never ended up having a second baby shower because I had my kids really close together—16 months apart, to be exact. There are a number of etiquette rules that surround the average baby shower, but I think we can all agree on one thing: Surprising a pregnant lady with a baby shower in her honor is the worst idea of all time. Being pregnant with a second child is an entirely different experience than being pregnant with a first.
During my second pregnancy, I realized why a second (and every subsequent) child has fewer pictures and accolades and less attention. It sounds like a lot of people relate to this article, but it might have been nice for the author to include at least a brief acknowledgment that some people pregnant for the second time (at least 20% of them, statistically speaking) do not already have a living baby, and for them, a second pregnancy is a very, very different experience. This is a little sad…I lost a baby a month ago (my second pregnancy) and I was already just as thrilled for that baby as I was for my first beautiful boy. I have only been pregnant once, but all of the baby #2 comparisons sounds like me for my first lol.

Even though it took me a year to conceive the second time, when I finally did get pregnant, I was so consumed with the kid I already had that I couldn’t focus on my second pregnancy. Felt good to read, as I’ve been feeling a bit of guilt over not being obsessed like I was during the last pregnancy! Though I feel I was more prepared and with my second, didn’t bother to read the pregnancy books that scare you half to death, making you worry about all the crazy things that happened 3 times in the history of man, I was just as in love and awe of my second as I was my first. First pregnancy was in an abusive relationship, nothing was ever celerbrated I was working three jobs coming home and catering to him. I can relate a little to the author just based on the fact of feeling so stinken tired with no rest for my second pregnancy. Those of you who have been fortunate to have easy pregnancies need to consider yourselves lucky! I swear!) I really never gave having a second baby shower a second thought because I was still in the midst of caring for my first baby.
People will judge you for what you do and don’t do during pregnancy, eat or don’t eat, drink or don’t drink (ahem, wine). Every milestone, feeling or picture that I celebrated the first time kind of got ignored the second time around.

Then second one was more complicated and ended up being an emergency c-section and spent nearly a month in the nicu . I definitely had less energy and time to myself with my second pregnancy already having a child to care for, was def less of a “princess” lol that was spot on! Of course I love my second child as much as my older one, but pretty much everything about my second pregnancy was, in a way, less than my first.
If baby two wants to see what I looked like while I was pregnant with him, he can look at pictures of me with his brother.
It took so long for me to get pregnant and I had to take conceiveeasy to finally do it that we were very excited the whole time we were expecting. I had removed my copper-t in March and since then planning for second baby but not able to conceive yet.

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