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The number of women aged over 44 who sought counselling for unplanned pregnancies from one family planning charity last year more than doubled, its latest figures show.The Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) annual report published on Tuesday revealed 50 women living in Ireland in the over 44 age group looked from help in the last year.
Office of Population AffairsProviding Quality Family Planning Services (QFP) recommends how to provide family planning services so that individuals can achieve their desired number and spacing of children, increase the chances that a baby will be born healthy, and improve their health even if they choose to not have children.

For more information, visit Family Planning National Training CentersQFP was developed collaboratively by CDC and the Office of Population Affairs of the U.S.
But they were unable to travel abroad to access a termination.Of the migrant women it saw who were unable to travel abroad, at least five continued with their pregnancy and parented against their wishes.

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