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Women who take the contraceptive pill or use condoms are doing so with the misconception of how effectively they prevent pregnancy, a new study has revealed. The hormonal IUD sold by Mirena prevents pregnancy for up to five years while it's copper counterpart, ParaGuard can provide protection for up to ten.The implant, Implanon works for three years.
The Obama administration is to scrap age restrictions on the sale of the morning-after pill. Raquel Welch, the actress who played a bikini-clad cave woman and had three husbands, last week blamed the contraceptive pill for the decline of marriage. Not only are they more reliable in their prevention, but advocates also encourage their use as a way to avoid the often crippling side effects of the Pill that can cause mood swings and depression as hormones affect the brain.

On the Pill’s 50th birthday, Welch, 69, declared that the widespread use of oral contraception had led to epidemic promiscuity.
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists believes that women should consider the IUD or implant as 'first-line' choices because of their effectiveness and safety.Yet still not enough information is shared about these methods and with cost as intimidating as it is, women are frequently encouraged by their physicians to just use the Pill as they always have and only five to six per cent have explored beyond this advice. Even if education were to improve about the alternatives available, Mirena, ParaGard and Implanon still carry a hefty price tag in the hundreds excluding doctor's fees.For women accustomed to spending $10 to $50 per month on the Pill, these alternatives are simply unaffordable, unless they are covered by health insurance.
So they use a method that isn’t as great as preventing pregnancy, that doesn't fit their lives as well, and that isn't fair. Six years after the Pill arrived, the Rolling Stones were singing Let’s Spend the Night Together.

Yet statistics show taking the Pill is still far less risky then either pregnancy or childbirth. A recent 40-year study of 46,000 women showed Pill-users live longer and are less likely to die prematurely of all sorts of ailments, including various cancers and heart disease, than women who had never taken it.

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