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There are characters who will clearly be left behind by the coming decade of change, but I don't think Peggy and Don will be among them. Having worked in advertising during the 1960s on Madison Avenue, I can tell you one thing, there was never that much smoking and certainly no drinking in the offices. Fast forward to the present and you see that Mad Men could almost pass for contemporary times excluding some of the more egregious (and clearly exaggerated) acts of discrimination, oh and of course the clothing etc. This season of mad men really shows that the women of the show (Betty, Peggy, Joan) can act circles around the so called Mad Men. Time to get personal: Don and Peggy's relationship stops being polite and starts getting real after their epic fight.
The final episodes of "Mad Men" may have started, but there are still many spoilers to be revealed. According to a promotional video released by AMC for episode 10, Pete and Peggy are still dealing with a dispute, and Roger and Joan might be reigniting their relationship.
While episode nine focused on introducing a few new characters, it left some storylines unresolved, including whether or not Peggy and Stan will solidify their relationship by the time the show ends. Peggy spent a day drinking and roller-skating while Roger played the organ (one of my favorite sequences either actor has ever done), and they talked more than they usually have, and it helped. I've really enjoyed the development of Peggy across this series, as she learns her own worth. Aside from the boxing and strength metaphors, this episode is really about Don and Peggy and exposing a new facet of their relationship.

Peggy's boyfriend arranges a surprise dinner for her that includes her family, and he's more than irked that she can't make it.
He waits until the morning after Peggy's birthday to call, and it confirms that Anna has passed away. Fired from his job, he sends Peggy a birthday bouquet and a stack of presumptuous business cards. And for Mad Men, it seemed to serve as a crystallizing hour for the themes that the show has returned to over and over, reaching no conclusions about those themes but turning them over and over in its narrative hands. The resentment Peggy feels for being ignored when Don won the CLIO last week bubbles up and comes right out of her eyes. The desperation (and alcohol) on his voice is thick, and he describes the agency he wants to form with Peggy from the ground up. Chat me up with your reactions below, and don't forget to join the group It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Men World in the BuzzSugar Community to chat some more!
Furthermore two other interesting things are happening, men are suffering more and the country is in a decline. After Don yells her into the ground, Peggy breaks Kelly Cutrone's cardinal rule by crying in the office. We see more vulnerability from Don as he gives into his grief in front of Peggy and sobs, letting her comfort him.
Focusing this much energy ranting on the evils of Mad Men really just trivializes whatever point you're trying to make.

And though I'd like to forget it even happened, I have to say it: Someone farted on Mad Men. The season one revelation of Peggy's illegitimate child also comes up, and Peggy admits that her mother thinks it was Don's baby.
They're being so open that I'm surprised they stop before Peggy admits that it was Pete who impregnated her.
That's entirely consistent with where social and personal change has been going all season: what is distinguished and highly valued by the people who have always had power is being forcibly democratized, made vulgar and accessible, made cheap and audacious. I've always been weirded out by a possible Peggy-Don love connection, but the sequence of events that leads to them having a new understanding of each other is so touching that I'm almost rooting for them to get together. Cooper.) Miserable and lost in the new company among a sea of identical men with identical pens and robbed of his personal exceptionalism, he took off in search of Diana, the waitress with whom he was involved earlier this season. But for whatever reason, other than a man who's literally fleeing into the west, Peggy Olson is the only one who feels all right.
She, who began the series by schooling Peggy in how things are, now can't stand how things are.
We already know from Joan's discussion with Ferg, as well as from how long it took them to even get Peggy an office, that Peggy isn't going to be treated well at McCann either.

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