Passport to a healthy pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you already know that your mind is always filled with questions… questions serious enough to bother you, but not serious enough to warrant a call to the doctor. Reviews: This book focuses on various Ayurvedic concepts and treatments that can help a couple conceive and aid a pregnant woman have a healthy pregnancy and a well-baby. Reviews: If you are exploring various ways to stay fit and happy through your pregnancy, this book might be for you. Reviews: Pregnancy can be a roller coaster ride, with hormones playing their part affecting everything in your life. You also want to understand your pregnancy more, read the changes in your body better, prepare to deal with some of the ‘side-effects’, give the baby in the womb a holistic care and learn about best practices, tips and tricks to make these nine months easier.
In this book she tells her own story and experiences about how everything changed for her when she got pregnant.

The book is divided into 17 chapters and discusses many vital areas that a pregnant woman will worry about, such as, weight gain, labor positions, diet and various problems that can occur.
The book talks about herbal mixes, Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, music, Vedic chants and Ayurvedic diet that can help mother and baby be healthy.
It covers various related topics like exercises, healthy recipes, sitting postures, stretch marks and eating right – all from an Indian point of view. This passion is evident in the book as well as it covers all topics from preconception to pregnancy to childbirth to newborn care. Yes, holistic ways to have a great pregnancy, giving you natural tips and tricks as you progress in the journey. It is a great read for women who love to stay fit and eat well, and place health and fitness at the top of their lists.

To make things easy for you, we give below a list of 10 pregnancy related books (in no particular order).
We have tried to include different kinds of books here: the first three are global best-sellers, the next three are India specific and the last four are specialized books that discusses specific topics including yoga, Ayurveda and spirituality for a holistic pregnancy experience.

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