Nutrition during twin pregnancy

Keeping up with the nutritional needs of twin babies can be a struggle in the last three months of pregnancy. You should be aware that the recommended weight gain for twins is more than for a single pregnancy. If you are interested in herbal supplements to help alleviate any issues in your pregnancy, speak to a trained, certified herbalist. It’s bad enough thinking that your figure is about to go to you-know-where and back again now that you’re pregnant -- but with twins, you may as well expect that trip twice.
Part of the myth of having twins is true: you will need to up your calorie intake for the day. When you’re pregnant with twins, it’s important to fortify your diet with enough vitamins and minerals in every meal of the day. Pregnant women are advised to consume 25 g more protein per baby, so add 50 g to your daily protein intake when you are pregnant with twins. Consuming iron while pregnant will reduce your risk of hypertension, anemia, and preterm delivery. One way to ensure you get enough nutrients while pregnant with twins is to create a meal chart that you can fill in every day.
Healthy women with a normal BMI before pregnancy should gain between 37-54 pounds during a twin pregnancy,[25] as opposed to between 25-35 pounds for a single pregnancy.[26] Your doctor will recommend a weight gain that's appropriate for you. Pregnancy comes with many stresses, so if you feel like the occasional ice cream or chocolate, it's okay to indulge from time to time (unless you're diabetic or develop gestational diabetes).
However, twin pregnancies are considered high-risk pregnancies, as they require a little more attention and care than a normal pregnancy.[1] It is important that you eat foods and maintain eating habits that will provide all the necessary nutrients for you and for both of your babies. Avoid consuming empty calories, as this can lead to an unhealthy weight gain and provides little nutritional value for your babies.
Avoid higher intakes than this, as high caffeine intake during pregnancy is associated with infant health problems.[21] Avoid consuming caffeine at the same time as you take iron supplements or eat foods that contain iron, as caffeine may interfere with iron absorption.
In this condition, the mother has increased blood pressure, protein in her urine, and more swelling than normal in pregnancy.

As well, pregnant women should take a folic acid supplement each day to ensure they have the right amount of folic acid in their system. However, the FDA recommends that pregnant women always check with their doctor about the safety of taking an herbal supplement before buying it or consuming it. Twins often weigh less than singletons of the same gestational age simply because they have to share the nutritional bounty with their sibling. So you will likely experience constipation when pregnant, and will need to consume high fiber foods to help your gut digest. The twin pregnancy diet must essentially comprise of:Complex carbs to supply optimum energy to the body. You can counteract low birth weight -- which can cause health complications for twin newborns -- by consuming additional calories, starting in the second trimester and continuing through the third. Proper nutrition may ensure an easier pregnancy and an optimum outcome: two thriving children.
In 2009 the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill conducted a study regarding nutrition and twin pregnancies in the medical journal Obstetrics and Gynecology. Some experts recommend consuming an additional 600 calories per day over your normal intake, but others recommend higher amounts, 40 to 45 calories for every 2.2 pounds that you weigh or between 3,000 to 3,500 calories per day if you're normal weight before pregnancy. Experts recommend anywhere from 100 to 175 grams of protein a day in the last three months of twin pregnancy. A pregnant mother requires sufficient amount of blood, to enhance the health conditions of the twins. Include some of the protein-rich foods in your twin pregnancy diet like lean meats, fishes, beans, nuts and egg whites.Calcium rich food helps build stronger bones and muscles. For optimal nutrition, a carbohydrate-controlled diet is recommended, one that's high in nutrients and vitamins.
Dairy foods like milk, cheese or yogurt are rich in calcium and help to improve the bone density of the growing fetus.Include unsaturated healthy fats like olive oil or vegetable oils in your twin pregnancy diet. Elaine Wu, a Toronto-based registered dietician, points out that “Mom should eat a healthy balanced diet according to the [USDA] Food Guide that is sufficient to support a healthy weight gain, plus a daily multivitamin [as recommended by your doctor] containing folic acid and iron to prevent deficiencies that could lead to neural-tube defects and other possible congenital abnormalities." She adds, “A woman pregnant with twins may possibly require extra vitamin B-12 supplementation in combination with the folic-acid supplements.

Raisin Bran:Include the essential breakfast cereals fortified with Vitamin B and Folic Acid in your twin pregnancy diet.
In fact, according to the American Pregnancy Association, your weight-gain goal within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy should be about 24 pounds.
Pregnant women should consume prenatal vital or folic acid supplements, before and during pregnancy. Raisin bran is a high-fiber cereal, and it helps maintain the digestion process and enhance the health aspects of the developing twins.2. That works out to about a pound and a half per week during the second and third trimesters.
Shrimp:Seafood and especially shrimp are extremely nutritious, and you can cook it using various methods. Pregnant mothers are told to stay away from sea fishes, due to their elevated mercury levels. Eating small amounts of high-quality food at frequent intervals might be the only way to meet your nutritional needs in the third trimester. Papaya boosts the protein intake and helps to suffice the nutritional requirement of your body.
Hummus is rich in folic acid and manganese and supplies essential nutrients during pregnancy (5).6.
Eggs:Eggs are protein and choline rich foods that you need larger amounts during pregnancy. Spinach also contains carotenoid and bioflavonoid, which are essential for expectant moms.Including these foods in your diet can enhance the health conditions of the unborn twins.

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