Not getting pregnant with irregular periods

While it is very difficult to get pregnant with irregular periods, it is not impossible and can be achieved with timely medical care and supervision.Let us see what women with irregular periods can do to achieve conception. Getting pregnant may get very difficult after the age of 35 especially if you suffer from irregular periods.
Even if you do not suffer from irregular periods, your doctor may just keep asking you to try achieving a pregnancy through persistent and painstaking efforts at regular unprotected intercourse.
In case you are suffering from a thyroid malfunction, this may result in irregular periods.
PCOS may require more aggressive treatment with the help of hormones and a drug called as clomid, which helps to stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs.
This is done with the help of ovulation prediction kits, which helps to test the presence of the luteinizing hormones in the body.

Taking a balanced and nutritious diet along with moderate exercise can help the woman to again have normal periods.
Sometimes, irregular periods also occur due to stress or if the woman is trying too hard to get pregnant. Irregular periods are not something to worry about and can be easily remedied with a combination of drugs, diet and exercise. Try to go in for relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation, which helps to reduce mental stress and promote ovulation so that a pregnancy occurs. This can be easily remedied with the help of thyroid medication to regulate your thyroxin levels in the body.
The ovulation is then monitored and the woman is asked to have timed intercourse during this period.

Normal periods will result in normal ovulation and this can help the woman to get pregnant. The main thing is to not ignore or neglect it but take prompt medical care and pay timely attention to the condition. Once they normalize, you may start to get normal periods and can try getting pregnant again.

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