Non veg diet during pregnancy

I found that the things that smelled the worst to me during pregnancy were often the ones on this list, which I find really interested.
Pregnancy in and of itself can be a confusing and lonely world-- there are so many different opinions and decisions, and everything rests squarely on your shoulders. Objective: To assess prevalence of low birth weight among infants born to women in different diet groups and to evaluate pattern of breastfeeding.
Subjects: Participants included members of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and individuals who were members of a web-based vegan forum.
Vegan women have higher percentage of breastfeeding in all stages of infancy compared to vegetarian and non-vegetarian women. Fruit and Vegetables: Fresh, frozen, tinned or dried fruits and vegetables should be had to the least of five times a day.
Proteins: Protein sources such as pulses, eggs, nuts and seeds should be included in the diet to fulfil the protein requirement. Other Essential Nutritional Requirements: Dairy products, especially cheese and yoghurt fulfils the criteria of much needed nutritional requirements during pregnancy. Pregnant women need the least of 1200 mg of calcium a day, which assures streamlined development of the baby’s bones and teeth.
Vitamin B-12 is also needed by women during pregnancy because it is the nutritional element responsible for cell division.

Folic acid in the form of leafy vegetables, peanuts, whole grain breads and cereals help in the formation of baby’s neural tube. Ayurveda can help in improving eyesight because it is a herbal remedy that incorporates the benefits reaped from herbs as well as dietary changes for overall health.
Ayurvedic remedies for hair fall are usually a combination of healthy diet, oil massages and natural herbs. The first trimester is the stage in pregnancy where your baby starts developing and your body undergoes the maximum number of physical and hormonal changes. Healthy vegetarian diet during pregnancy must include food that contains adequate amount of protein, calcium and iron among other minerals. Pregnancy is a wonderful experience and eating the right foods during pregnancy can promote the healthy development.
Pregnancy is a time when the mother has to be extra careful about what to eat, what not to eat and how much to eat. Pregnancy is surely the most joyous phase of a woman’s life but it can bring various problems as well. Foods craving are very common during pregnancy and may vary a lot during the pregnancy or from one pregnancy to the next one. Ideal diet for a pregnant woman - Every pregnant woman needs a wholesome and nutritional diet for the duration of the pregnancy for example,during the second semester, one needs to increase the intake of carbohydrates in order to facilitate the growth of the foetus.

Add in the dimension of wanting to be vegan through the whole thing, and you increase the confusion.
Vegan diet is perfectly safe during pregnancy and provides women with all the essential nutrients and health benefits to help them and the developing baby. Pregnancy diet for vegetarians must ascertain the fulfilment of nutritional criteria of vitamins, minerals, protein and other nutrients. Protein is an integral part of pregnancy diet that is responsible for the baby’s developing brain and nervous system.
Soy milk, legumes, nuts, bagels or alternative meat substitutes such as soy burgers are some of the protein-rich foods for vegetarian women during pregnancy. Doctors recommend that you stay away from those fish that are noted for their high levels of mercury, such as marlin, Ahi tuna, roughy, swordfish, shark, mackerel, tilefish, sea bass, grouper, bluefish, and other tuna types.The American Pregnancy Organization has a chart outlining the levels of mercury in fish and the Food and Drug Administration has their own confusing version.

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