Natural prenatal nutrition

Good prenatal nutrition is vital to growing a healthy baby and keeping your body strong and ready for a safe and natural birth.
Two eggs a day from pastured chickens are best – these eggs will contain lots of nutrition for you and your child. Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day – yep, this is part of your prenatal nutrition! If you’ve eaten everything recommended for balanced prenatal nutrition and are still hungry, choose healthy snacks in addition. This book is obviously targeted towards pregnant women but the recipes and guidelines are applicable to everyone, it’s more about eating healthy natural food. A good pregnancy diet helps you feel better and builds up your body – giving you an excellent chance at a natural birth. Pregnancy creates nutritional stress for every woman – you are building another human being – from scratch! Basic Prenatal Nutrition Guidelines: See exactly what and how much of it you need to be eating.

If you’re expecting twins your nutritional needs during pregnancy increase even more! Their nutrition is especially high if you combine with a small amount of meat (such as chili or beef and bean enchiladas).
You can have salads if you enjoy them – a chef salad with grilled chicken and sliced egg would be a tasty way to satisfy a few parts of your balanced prenatal nutrition. But if you want one for your own peace of mind I recommend using only a whole-foods vitamin like New Chapter’s Perfect Prenatal.
There are many pregnancy cook books out there, but I personally found that they were either just cook books or focused on the nutritional aspect only, so I wanted to have one go to book that combines both. These help regulate your digestive system and provide rich antioxidants from a natural, food based source. In Natural Pregnancy Cookbook, Ruder draws on her background as a physician and applies scientific nutritional knowledge to a myriad of delicious recipes, giving some practical advice about pregnancy along the way, skillfully juggling between the medical and the chef’s coats.
Traditional societies with excellent nutrition produced strong, vigorous babies – and mothers had good pregnancies and births.

A nutritionist may be more knowledgeable about pregnancy nutrition than an obstetrician (whose training doesn’t include much on nutrition). Go with a dark type like romaine or green leaf), spinach, and mustard greens are packed with nutrition. My own OB-GYN gave me a book during my first visit written by an the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), and there was just one chapter in it about nutrition!
Getting plenty of protein and complete, balanced prenatal nutrition will help ensure your excellent health. Use the fats nature designed so you can have a healthy pregnancy and grow a strong, vibrant child.
For that reason I added some smoothie recipes so that women can put in a bunch of nutritious fruit and vegetables and be able to tolerate it better.

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