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I’d like to share with you an important question I received and our reply concerning pregnancy and detox. While intense cleansing is not recommended during pregnancy, there are many principles and practices of the Deep Tissue Detox that you can continue and that will help you to deliver a healthy baby. Avoid intense cleanse days – juice  or water fasts are not a good idea during pregnancy, but continuing to drink lots of fresh veggie juice and green smoothies  is a great way to provide nutrition for your baby and for you. We hope you feel comfortable moving forward on a stable and healthy path as you enjoy the excitement of your pregnancy!
I really enjoy the all natural way, really gives you a rush and to feel the burn and your baby coming into the world.

I wanted to do it the natural way unfortunately there were some problems and I had to get a C-Section.
This is my first and Im going to go for natural…kind of scary, but then again so is being a parent.
I have wanted an epidural since I found out I was pregnant, but seeing different ways to deal with pain, now I am just not sure. Natural remedies such as acupuncture or certain homeopathic remedies can ease nausea and vomiting. Both the advantages and disadvantages of natural childbirth are outlined below to help you decide if natural childbirth is the best choice for you.

I’ve been drinking water with fruits and veggies, since like practically the third month of pregnancy, Just to give the water a different taste because the flavor of the purified water alone gets me nauseous.
Undigested foods or foods high in toxins, preservatives or artificial additives may increase nausea because your body is more sensitive to the environment during pregnancy.

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