Natural pregnancy tests

Although, there are women, who might like to get the good news confirmed through the more professional doctors, there are the curious sorts, who try every possible home test, to prove that they are pregnant indeed! If you are showing the symptoms and are hopeful that you might be preggers, then try some home tests for learning the news! There are several old wives tale regarding pregnancy and each may sound funny, weird at times!
Symptoms like morning sickness, an enhanced sense of smell, a weird metallic taste in the mouth and at times, rapid weight gain are the signs a pregnancy woman may show.
If you want to be all the more confirmed, then while the symptoms may not be indicating that you are pregnant, you can wait till your calculated date of menstruation. In accordance to the missing period concept, in order to prove pregnancy, there is another test to ensure whether the skipped periods a matter of pregnancy is or not.

Various pregnancy kits are now readily available in the market, so trying any one of them will help to learn about the conception as well. However, there remains one, which says a lot about a woman’s bodily changes, especially if she were pregnant. If bleaching is the only thing you have heard about its properties, then it’s time to test its potency in something else.
If it happens then bad luck, but if your miss your scheduled periods, then you can be hopeful about your chances of being pregnant. If the soap froths or bubbles up, then it might be indicating your pregnancy, but if not then better luck next time! Although, all these tell-tale signs and tests are easily there at home and can be done by women, anticipating the good news, but it’s always wise to get double sure with a doctor.

If you are anticipating your pregnancy, then the bleach test is a good way to ensure whether you are pregnant or not. Mixing urine sample with Pine sol is believed to change color, in order to prove pregnancy.
Routine blood and urine tests at the hospital or a clinic are more likely to accurately point out that a woman is pregnant. If the color changes to green, then a woman is said to pregnant, but if the color changes to yellow or orange, then there is no good news.

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