Natural pregnancy at 42 after ivf

People were sympathetic but at no point was it even suggested that, were I to meet a man, I had anything more than an outside chance of conceiving — and only then with the help of IVF. Despite a trouble-free pregnancy, I could sense a feeling of caution whenever I went for a scan or a check-up, as if my pregnancy were a freak accident that was bound to end in tears.
I was then told that for someone of my age at this point in my life it was unlikely that I’d ever have a child naturally. Various experts had told her that her eggs would be too old or that IVF would represent her only chance of conceiving, but despite that she fell pregnant naturally — twice — once, with twins, that she sadly miscarried, and subsequently with an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in the removal of one of her Fallopian tubes.
My partner Philip and I did all the right things during our three private attempts at IVF but the egg just wouldn’t ‘take’. We wanted to have a child together, but sadly I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks in 2006 and didn’t conceive naturally again due to a problem with one of my fallopian tubes.
I was overwhelmed by his death, and had problems with my immune system, so it wasn’t until early 2011 that I was able to undergo my one and only IVF attempt.We had to go privately, as 35 was the NHS cut-off age where I live.
It was a lot of hard work but the preparation paid off, and to our utter joy – after IVF at the clinic in Spain – we discovered that I was pregnant in May 2011.
I tried to get pregnant naturally but thought that – given my age – I should also have a fertility MOT.

After three years of trying for a baby, we had tests in 2006 to establish why I wasn’t falling pregnant. I don’t think counsellors, if they haven’t been through infertility, can fully appreciate the amount of stress you’re under.I turned 40 a month after the second attempt – and my third and final NHS IVF cycle was cancelled.
And it seems my experience certainly isn’t unusual.Jan Andersen, a freelance writer and editor, discovered she was pregnant at 40.
I had the backing and support of friends, family and doctors, who were pragmatic about the risks of having a baby later in life, and I kept fit and healthy throughout the pregnancy. I’d read an article about her, and had arranged it even before I’d had the IVF – she had a long waiting list. But a month later she was pregnant again — and in January this year Deborah gave birth to her son, Oliver. At the beginning of December, when I was eight months pregnant, a taxi I was riding in swerved suddenly and I was thrown against my seatbelt. Out of the blue we then received a letter explaining we’d automatically been put on an IVF waiting list. It wasn’t until someone commented on my new cleavage that it occurred to me to take a pregnancy test.

I’m adopted and my mum had already died – I had no way of knowing if there was anything hereditary that was causing me to fail to conceive naturally. I took four home pregnancy tests — all positive — before I made an appointment to see my GP. When she didn’t conceive, she was given the fertility drug Clomid and, a year later, had IVF. By the time Nicole was 42, she had been through IVF six times and describes herself as ‘emotionally and financially exhausted’.  Then she read about CARE Fertility in Nottingham, offering fertility treatment for women over 40. My husband suggested we try again, but after five years and ?30,000 I just couldn’t go through it again. I carried on with the acupuncture, herbs and supplements throughout the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Once the septum had been removed, I applied, at 41, for an interest-free credit card to pay for IVF and was able to begin my third cycle.

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