Natural pregnancy after 2 failed ivf

In some instances from the research, the parents had had another child previously using in vitro fertilization (IVF) -- while in other cases the couple had a baby even after an unsuccessful experience with IVF. To get a better sense of how frequently people going through IVF end up having babies without extra help, Troude and her colleagues collected information on about 2,100 couples who had begun fertility treatment in France in the early 2000s.
Among the parents who'd had a baby through IVF, 17 percent later had another child without assistance. For instance, among women younger than 35 with unexplained infertility, 45 percent became pregnant after failing to have a baby through IVF. Troude said unexplained infertility could be a good sign for couples' chances of having a baby, compared to those who have a clear reason for not initially getting pregnant.
Another recent study found that among couples who hadn't been able to get pregnant after a year or more of trying, 44 percent of those who opted against fertility treatment still ended up having a baby eventually (see Reuters Health story of February 2, 2012). Still, it would be difficult to use the new findings to determine which couples might benefit from a wait-and-see approach, and which couples should proceed with IVF, Troude said.
And among couples who originally failed to have a baby with fertility treatment, 24 percent went on to have one from a spontaneous pregnancy.

Johannes Evers, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Maastricht University Medical Center in the Netherlands, said that couples' behavior can explain why people whose IVF didn't work out had a higher rate of natural pregnancies afterward.
Men and women who were younger had a better chance of having a baby naturally, as did couples whose infertility didn't have a clear cause.
Indeed, they thought it would never happen after five failed courses of IVF that left them ?40,000 poorer and totally drained, physically and emotionally.
They admit they probably would have paid thousands more had Nicola not conceived naturally.‘People assume that if you pay for IVF, you must be loaded with money, but nothing could be further from the truth,’ says Nicola. I’ll never forget the time we arrived at the clinic for my eggs to be harvested for one IVF attempt. Doctors had given them a less than one per cent chance of pregnancy — even with the help of IVF — so when Nicola, 30, a customer relations manager, finally fell pregnant they were ecstatic.‘It feels so surreal.
He’d had a vasectomy following the births of his two children from his first marriage and paid ?3,000 to have it reversed shortly after falling in love with Nicola. I still can’t quite believe I’m really pregnant and can’t wait to see our daughter when she is born in May.

It was this delay in diagnosis that was to lead to vast expense —and heartbreak.‘[After the third IVF attempt] we were told that we had a less than one per cent chance of pregnancy and should consider adoption or IVF using an egg donor. All our dreams were pinned on this, but it seemed it was simply business for them.‘Even after it was established that I had fertility problems, too, I still wasn’t entitled to NHS funding. She was conceived naturally on August 11 last year, the very night of her parents’ church wedding when they had all but given up hope of ever having children together.No wonder Nicola and Karl talk now about divine intervention.
Of those, almost half who said they had been trying to achieve a pregnancy for at least a year subsequently achieved one without the help of fertility treatment. Experts say that these women were sub-fertile, rather than completely infertile, and did not receive treatment appropriate to their condition.
After failing to conceive naturally after a year of trying, their GP referred them to a fertility consultant who recommended ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) after tests on Karl revealed poor sperm motility.

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