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Infertility now affects around fifteen per-cent of couples in Australia, leading to an increase in the use of IVF. With the natural fertility management techniques that we use, given at least six months of treatment, our success rate is now consistently around ninety percent. We achieve these results through a combination of naturopathic dietary and lifestyle advice and traditional, classical and modern homeopathy. Please note that all treatment is through a private consultation and no over the counter sales are made. While the basics of a healthy diet are the same for fertility as for optimal health, there are certain areas that need special attention.  Blood sugar irregularities (often signalled by sweet cravings), insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome need special attention. As always, as with any condition dealt with at this Perth naturopathic clinic, you are dealt with as a person. Naturopathic medicine stabilises hormone health, and works well at regulating periods, cycle length and ovulation times. Any type of pain or stasis syndrome such as endometriosis, period pain, blood clots, irregular menstrual cycles, hormonal disorders, and pain after IVF egg collection, can be treated with acupuncture with good results.How it worksThrough the application of small hair-like needles at specific points on the body, the reproductive system can be finely tuned to increase your chances of pregnancy, says Dr Kenneth Snell from the IVF Acupuncture Clinic in NSW. Centro Health is a multi-modality clinic with a team of skilled practitioners offering a wide range of Natural and Allied Health Services. Call Susan to discuss how her treatments can benefit your specific needs, or to book your first appointment today!
This allows us to boost natural health, vitality and fertility to treat all the major causes of infertility in both men and women. As well as addressing lifestyle factors and treating any underlying pathology, at this Perth Naturopathic clinic we find that homeopathic treatment can help balance hormones and thereby improve fertility.
Nowadays, more women are choosing to postpone baby making until their mid thirties with 15 per cent of first time mothers aged 35 or older, according to recent statistics by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.Postponing pregnancy however can come with its problems.

TreatmentDr Kenneth Snell suggests starting a course of Chinese herbal medicine for at least four months before turning to IVF.
Amongst these are Naturopathy, Allergy Testing, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Children's Health, Reproductive and Natural Fertility Management, Women's and Men's Health. However, in other cases it can be something more serious – and here it deserves the expert and specialist attention of a natural therapist with years of experience in fertility management. This can lead in turn to lack of menstruation (amenorrhoea) or absence of ovulation and heavy or painful periods. The hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis of communication is normalised, through treatment and lifestyle changes ensuring proper follicle production and ovulation at the correct time. Cigarette smoking, alcohol and excess caffeine consumption have a negative impact on fertility in men. In choosing the right homeopathic remedies for infertility, the mental state is assessed and the result is improvement in the mental state along with fertility. Generally a woman in her early thirties has a 15 per cent chance of falling pregnant naturally in any month.
How it worksBecause naturopathic medicine has the philosophy that the body can heal itself, a tailored diet and certain herbs can create an optimum environment for baby making, says Emma Sutherland, naturopath and natural fertility expert. TreatmentDr Snell suggests starting a specialised course of fertility acupuncture treatment for at least three months before considering entering an IVF cycle. Alcohol is best avoided completely by both the male and female partner for optimum fertility. The importance of this is nowhere more obvious than in the treatment of fertility and infertility problems, which is a reflection of the health of the body as a whole and of the mental state. That window closes to around 5 per cent after 40 according to the American Fertility Association.

Success rate"In a one year study conducted at the IVF Acupuncture Clinic in NSW between 2007 to 2008, 70.8 per cent of women who used acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine together for six months fell pregnant naturally. You may read more about our approach to the homeopathic and naturopathic treatment of oestrogen dominance on our page on the treatment of fibroids.
This improves amenorrhoea (absence of periods), oligomenorrhoea (scanty or infrequent periods) and luteal phase defect (preventing implantation of a successful pregnancy). Amongst others, we have found foods such as tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and brazil nuts to be especially beneficial for male fertility. Not only do we take into account your PCOS and irregular periods, for example, we will enquire about and treat every other area of health imbalance: say, your hay fever, anxiety, migraines and poor sleep.
Those in their later thirties, six months of treatment is recommended before turning to IVF.
Please see the pages on treatment of women’s problems and treatment of menstrual problems for more information. Here are three natural fertility treatments that can improve couple's chances of conceiving. For men, a minimum of four months is optimal before trying to conceive as research from the UK has shown that sperm takes 96 days to form, says Emma.Success rate"According to recent studies from the Foresight Foundation in the UK, a comprehensive naturopathic treatment (modelled on the Foresight programme) has over a 75 per cent live-birth success rate without the help of IVF," says Emma.

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