Natural conception over 35

As your age advances beyond approximately 33, it’s more and more likely that your aging eggs will let the side down when it comes to conception. You may find it encouraging knowing that the number of women over the age of 30 having babies has risen in recent decades (ONS 2010) .
Most women will be able to conceive naturally and give birth to a healthy baby if they get pregnant at 35 years old. This over-production of FSH can result in more than one follicle ripening and releasing an egg. Over 80 per cent of couples will conceive within a year if they stop using contraception and have regular sex (CKS 2007, NCCWCH 2013:64). Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan uses a TV speech to warn President Putin not to "play with fire" over the downing of a Russian plane.

Only a third of couples will conceive in the first month of trying and if you’re under 35 and in good health it’s perfectly natural for it to take up to a year. The downward slope continues until by age 45 the average natural fertility rate per month is approximately one per cent. But if you are over 35, and finding that positive pregnancy test elusive, it is important to seek help sooner rather than later (NCCWCH 2013:6). It's possible that this has been overstated too, in James's view.The chance of any chromosomal abnormality at the age of 20 is one in 500, he says. A woman’s natural fertility will already start to decline in her late 20’s due to the fact she has fewer eggs and the quality of the remaining eggs is likely to be lower than when she was younger. Alternatively, if you’re over 35 and have been trying for six months without success, we encourage you to speak with your GP or a Fertility Specialist.

However, the success rates of IVF treatment for women over 40 using their own eggs are low, and have not increased much over the past decade (RCOG 2011).
The latest update of the Nice guideline on fertility recognises that "the chances of women naturally conceiving at the age of 40 are much higher now than they were when the original guideline was written [in 2004]," James says.
And if you’re 40 or over it is advisable to go and see your doctor as soon as you decide to try for a baby.

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