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Millions of men are needlessly infertiledue to reversible sperm problems.Fertility expert Iva Keene MRMed.
There are now scientifically proven ways to improve sperm health naturally…as I will show you. Let me explain: the majority of sperm issues are caused, in one way or another, by low-level toxin exposure and mild nutrient deficiencies. This means both toxins and missing nutrients are preventing your body from creating healthy sperm. To really improve sperm health a specific diet, some basic lifestyle changes and sometimes supplementation is needed. The good news is that providing you don’t have a congenital abnormality and you are a willing to follow most of my 71 sperm boosting strategies for a minimum of 91 days (the time it takes to form new sperm) you stand an extremely good chance of boosting your sperm health and fathering a healthy child.
However, my clinical experience shows that when my approach is followed properly most sperm conditions respond quite quickly. As a qualified natural fertility specialist (I’m a naturopath with a masters in reproductive medicine) I’ve researched, written and spoken about evidence-grounded natural treatments for infertility.
And through my online clinic and in-person practice I’ve consulted with and advised thousands of men and women around the world on how to overcome their infertility naturally (for more info please read my bio on the about page of this site). If you can relate to this please let me assure you that the sperm issues you are experiencing are not your fault. These are just a few of the things men (and women) have told me over the years I’ve been helping couples at my natural fertility practice here in Verbier, Switzerland. Fortunately poor sperm quality can almost always be improved with the right natural protocol(as long as you don’t have a congenital condition). And please also beware of one-dimensional approaches from unqualified sources to treating sperm problems.
There are dozens of over-hyped quick fix solutions claiming to improve sperm health you may run into while browsing. I personally don’t believe there is anything this powerful for treating sperm issues available anywhere. You are now only a few steps away from having access to a safe all-natural and proven way to restore your sperm health in as little as 91 days. Science has, in the last few years, identified a number of unlikely sperm boosting super-foods and some even more surprising sperm destroying foods.
The strategies outlined in Supercharge Your Sperm Naturally will help you enhance your sperm health so that you are able to pass on the best of yourself to your future child. When you follow as many of the 71 strategies as possible you will start to experience a synergistic and measurable improvement to your sperm health. This specific combination of foods eaten at certain times will send your testosterone and pheromone levels through the roof and make you irresistible to your partner! Even if you don’t have low sperm parameters, my program can help you improve the quality of your underlying sperm building blocks. Supercharge Your Sperm Naturally is delivered electronically as an instant download and includes a 21 page PDF e-book you can print, send to your kindle or read on screen. So before you consider drug and technology based options try my all natural sperm-boosting program.
If you give my sperm health program a try and are not satisfied for any reason at any time within the first year of purchase I insist on giving you a full refund. I’m so confident my Natural Sperm Boosting approach will work for you if you simply apply it and allow time for the changes in your body to take place. Renowned Swiss-based natural fertility specialist Iva Keene ND has helped thousands of couples all over the world with fertility problems. My wife and I were distraught over my low sperm counts and resorted to a failed attempt at mini-IVF. For Further Peace Of Mind Iva’s recommendations on improving sperm health naturally are absolutely consistent with the latest research in the areas of Male Infertility diagnosis and treatment. In fact, 95% of supplements on the market may do more harm than good – the cheap ones are made from cheap and low quality ingredients. Supplements are not needed in all cases of low sperm quality however when they are they should only be high potency, high quality practitioner grade supplements. Getting Pregnant from our First Try After Following the NFP Program and my Husband’s Sperm Test Result is a Testament that NFP Works! After taking the supplements for 4 months his sperm analysis result improved considerably, which is a testament to the effectiveness of the supplements. Although this seems like a regular balanced diet their diet contained lots of sugar, trans-fats, hormones, allergens, preservatives, caffeine and was low in fiber, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and living enzymes. His sperm was of poor quality and the doctor cautioned they may need to resolve to donor sperm if their IVF is unsuccessful.
Hanna on the other hand was convinced that due to her low AMH she had to go the IVF route and didn’t want to consider natural conception even after her FSH came down after being on the program and supplements. After having followed my advice as closely as possible and several months on the supplements, her husband’s sperm analysis came back normal and they decided to go for IVF. A semen analysis is a specialized test which can provide valuable information on the fertility potential of males. Try and collect the specimen during a time when your wife is unlikely to be ovulating (e.g.

While it is possible to make comment on the general chances of achieving a pregnancy for a man with specific semen analysis parameters with a standardized 'reference spouse' (i.e.
NOTE: some laboratory requisitions inappropriately label the concentration as 'Total Sperm Count'. Figure: This graph shows how the concentration in a single man naturally varies over time with several measurements. Note that these factors apply to the chances of conceiving naturally and do not apply to using semen analysis to predict the success of ART such as intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization. Problems with sperm morphology (how the sperm look) do have an impact on the chances of conception with intercourse, but the effect is relatively small. Very commonly, the only 'abnormality' on a semen analysis report will be the morphology - the concentration and all other parameters will be 'within reference range'. Taking some 'extreme' examples of semen analysis parameters will help put the probability of conception of infertile couples in perspective.
Hopefully this has helped you understand the role of semen analysis in couples attempting to achieve a pregnancy naturally.
Here are a collection of natural fertility treatment case study samples taken directly from my personal, clinical experience at treating a wide range of fertility conditions using holistic natural advice, guidance and supplements. Fertility specialists told Pamela she should consider using donor eggs and IVF is definitely the only way she could ever get pregnant. Lou went to several fertility specialists over the years and was been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, endometriosis and polyps.
I recommended specific tests, dietary and lifestyle changes for Saiko and her husband as well as prescribed practitioner grade supplements specific to their case.
If you are looking to improve sperm health and have tested with poor sperm parameters this probably means you’re deficient in at least one nutrient building block necessary for healthy sperm. As I mentioned earlier, it takes an approach, which incorporates toxin removal, lifestyle and exercise adjustments and includes sperm boosting nutraceuticals…all combined in a holistic but simple way. I want to naturally restore and enhance the quality of my sperm and father a healthy baby without relying on harmful drugs or expensive procedures. I was amazed but even more exciting; my wife is 9 weeks pregnant, all natural, no drugs, no expensive treatments! If you are suffering from spermatogenic deficiencies and more specifically with issues related to sperm numbers and quality, I highly recommend giving Iva’s sperm boosting protocol a try.
Most over the counter or direct from the web supplements are low potency and are often poor quality.
However getting pregnant from our first try after following the NFP program and my husband’s sperm test result is a testament that NFP works! She decided to use IVF and wanted to prepare properly as well as optimize her husband’s sperm. She keeps me updated on her pregnancy and is so fascinated by natural medicine that she has decided to enroll in naturopathy after her baby is born! I’m a firm believer that she would have been successful even without IVF, as many of my other clients got pregnant with low AMH values, but I’m nevertheless happy I could support her with the choice she’s made. Don’t miss out on discovering the most powerful way to dramatically improve sperm health by as much as 400% in as little as 91 days. Information provided by the Natural Fertility Prescription and Iva Keene is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
The specialty labs at the reproductive medicine clinics require appointments to provide on-site samples. In fact, in men with high concentrations, the morphology does NOT appear to have any bearing on the chances of natural conception.
The main thing to note is that there is a gradual but small decreae in the probability of conception as morphology declines. While there is a statistical trend towards an increased probability of pregnancy with increasing morphology, the effect is muted and probably clinically insignificant in men with normal sperm concentrations.
However, the chances for conception overall are quite favorable in couples labelled as 'infertile' during years 2 and 3, even if nothing is known about a man's semen analysis.
The relationship between sperm concentration, morphology and the probability of conception is such that using a 'cutpoint' or 'lower limit' is too crude. She was very frustrated and annoyed with the options given to her by several different fertility specialists she went to see.
As a big supporter of natural medicine and healthy living and eating she wanted to get pregnant naturally and believed that it was possible without having to resolve to IVF.
They’ve been trying to conceive for three years and his sperm analysis was showing poor motility and poor morphology.
She also got the Fertility Analysis as she was becoming worried that she may not be able to get pregnant naturally. Mainly because she knew her husband would never provide a sample of his sperm for IVF and he would also not be supportive (emotionally and financially) of IVF procedure as he didn’t want any more kids. She decided to use IVF and wanted to prepare properly as well as optimize her husband’s sperm.
She was a bit skeptical about natural medicine treatments as she never used supplements nor visited a naturopath before.
It turned out her vagina was too hostile to the sperm, she also had frequent flareups of HPV and she tested positive for a common gene mutation which predisposes to miscarriages.

And that’s not to mention the elevated risk of your partner miscarrying due to poor sperm quality. Before and after test results have shown up to 400% improvements in sperm count and significant improvements in many other parameters. Using Iva’s sperm boosting protocol may save you a great deal of money and at the same time get you the results that you are looking for, a healthy child. The one exception is in a man who has no sperm - even if nothing is known about his partner, it can be stated with certainty that they will not be able to conceive naturally unless he sperm appear in the ejaculate. Note that neither semen volume or motility have any impact on the chances of conception once concentration and morphology are taken into account. It should be noted that the effect of morphology on the probability of conception is relatively minor compared to that of concentration.
Some semen analysis reports use reference ranges from a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine by Guzick et al in 2001 titled 'Sperm morphology, motility and concentration in fertile and infertile men'. She wanted to get pregnant ASAP and the thought of having to wait for 120 days to optimize their egg and sperm health was daunting. Her husband literally thought she was out of her mind for even contemplating natural medicine treatment and then on top of that one bought off the internet.
Exactly four months after following the program and taking the supplements plus following the special protocol for her gene mutation, Anne got pregnant! Naturally she got worried as the thought of IVF and potentially donor eggs was not very appealing. And this means to improve sperm health you usually need to tackle the problem from several angles at once. Just an easy, healthy, step-by-step process, which will give your body, the ideal conditions to heal itself and restore your sperm health.
You can easily determine the total sperm count by multiplying the semen volume by the sperm concentration. It is not currently possible (nor would it make any difference) to measure every single sperm in a sample. While a decrease in morphology can be associated with a decreased probability of conception, this is one instance in which there is probably no effect on the chances of conception and the morphology can be safely ignored. Their heavy metal levels were very high and were contributing to their frequent infections and lowered immunity.
I gave up even the occasional beer, and even gave up daily sex as I came to believe every 3 days would be better for sperm counts. Previously the result would always be abnormal, the count would be ok…but the morphology and motility would be weak. In fact, only a very small proportion of the sperm in a sample are assessed - much less than 1% of 1% of the sample.
Having said that, some general comments  can be made regarging semen analysis results in terms of the probability of conception - increased or decreased - regardless of what is happening with a man's partner. After the initial check up doctors were not so positive about her chances of conception with her own eggs.
I put her on my endometriosis protocol and gave her specific supplements and dietary advice for unblocking her tubes.
We can, however, make some comment on how the results of a semen analysis might affect the chances of natural conception under specific circumstances where other factors which can affect conception are known. Over the past several decades, the lower limit of what is considered 'acceptable' has continued to decrease. After preparing the sperm doctors said this particular vial got a low grade of 3 and they were not very confident it would be enough for conception. I did tell her that she should speak to her husband and get his consent regarding another baby, but she never told me if she did or didn’t. Hanna on the other hand was convinced that due to her low AMH she had to go the IVF route and didn’t want to consider natural conception even after her FSH came down after being on the program and supplements. Concentration, for example, is estimated by counting the number of sperm within a very small volume using a microcell counter.
Specifically, the old WHO morphology criteria have been changed to the Kruger Strict criteria for illustrative purposes. She followed my advice, took the supplements and kept trying but didn’t think there was much hope as blocked tubes are very difficult to treat naturally, which I told her. After having followed my advice as closely as possible and several months on the supplements, her husband’s sperm analysis came back normal and they decided to go for IVF. Based on the number of sperm within the known volume, the total number of sperm or a sperm concentration can be estimated. The approach taken by the WHO ignores the actual relationship between semen analysis results and conception.

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