Natural conceiving after ivf

Mrs Potter, 29, said: 'We both really wanted children and it was the natural thing for us after getting married and buying a house together'It was really hard when we found out we couldn’t have children. Since the dawn of civilisation, generation after generation of new parents have had to rely on instinct, trial and error - and sometimes get it wrong. Dr Jessup explains that there are other factors at play however when it comes to a natural pregnancy occurring.

10 Mar A new technique could boost the chances of predicting a successful IVF pregnancy by as much as 90 per cent. 24 Mar More and more Aussie women in their late 40s and even 50s are travelling to Greece and Spain to get pregnant with cheaper IVF and looser laws. 27 May A 46-year-old American has become the oldest woman to have a baby through IVF using her own fresh, unfrozen, eggs.

22 Jul For people struggling to become parents IVF can be a blessing, but it's also a costly process.

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