Natural birth videos

Make sure you watch the last one – a beautiful teenage mother giving birth naturally. Here you will learn how to locate LI-4 acupressure point which is very helpful for natural labor induction. Acupressure Induction Childbirth Video 4 shows several acupressure points which can induce labor. Acupressure Induction Childbirth Video 5 -- How to use professionally tested points to help you induce labor without artificial medications.

Watch this video to learn even more about how to start labor naturally and avoid unnecessary interventions. Acupressure Induction Childbirth Video 9 -- How to acupressure point on your hand, the shoulders and legs to induce labor naturally. Acupressure Induction Childbirth Video 10 -- Why to use acupressure to start labor and avoid pre-term labor induction.
If you watch the video carefully, you will be able to locate them with ease on your own and really use them to induce labor.

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