Men becoming pregnant

I Hannah, used this formula to get pregnant at the age of 41 and again at 43 and now I have 2 healthy children. Learn THE MOST IMPORTANT TEST ALL women should get done BEFORE they begin the getting pregnant process. Learn at least 50 fixable reasons why you may be producing and releasing an egg every month but still are not getting pregnant. Learn the many structures of the female egg and how to improve egg quality to get pregnant faster.
Learn at least 6 fixable reasons why your husband may be producing a low quantity of sperm, deformed or unsuitable sperm for pregnancy. PLUS learn how to evaluate your cervical postion so you have sex in the right and the wrong getting pregnant position for you. This getting pregnant formula MAPS out and explains every single step and tools you can use to monitor exactly what days of the month you produce your egg.

YES, Hannah I want to access your program and get myself pregnant as what I am doing right NOW is NOT WORKING! At that time I had been trying for 8 years to get pregnant and because of my age you were reluctant to sell me your Vitamin Formula to help me get pregnant.
I think your work and your programs you offer to women struggling to get pregnant are of great value and a much needed service.
I was told years earlier that with PCOS it is hard to get pregnant and that when I wanted to have a baby I would have to see an infertility specialist. It could make some teen boys think about--contemplate--what pregnancy might mean to their girlfriend or any girl.
Having sex outside this mapped fertility time may be good sex, but useless in an attempt to get you pregnant. As a midwife the most frequent problem I see is that women who are having trouble getting pregnant think they understand their bodies, but in reality very few do.

I followed your advice, took the full list of vitamin supplements and I am now 5 months pregnant. I have passed your name to a few friends that were struggling to get pregnant and some of them are now pregnant.
A new ad campaign based in Chicago is tackling the touchy issue of teen pregnancy in a brand new way: by showing teen boys as the ones who are getting knocked up.
All chakras need to be vibrating and in harmony with each other in order for you to have a better pregnancy outcome. There are many gaps that have to be filled in what both men and women know about how to get pregnant.

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