Medicine i can take to get pregnant

Obama takes this position in spite of the fact that the Food and Drug Administration pronounced Plan B safe for females of all ages. Determining that the scientific evidence suggesting that the practice was safe, the medical group for the first time the group endorsed over-the-counter sale of Plan B, calling it "a potential way to improve access and use, and possibly decrease the unintended pregnancy rate." We applaud them for their stand on this issue. As first mothers who remember well the days when birth control pills were expensive and required a visit from a sometimes sanctimonious doctor, we heartily endorse the sale of birth-control pills, Plan B or Plan A (to prevent the pregnancy) to anyone who needs them. However, the greater availability of Plans A and B are only part of the answer to unplanned pregnancy. Some doctors even recommend cough medicine for their patients who are taking Clomid, since Clomid can have a negative effect on cervical mucus. It has long been reported that guaifenesin, the active ingredient in some cough syrups like Robitussin can help improve fertility. Make sure that you talk to your doctor if you want to give cough medicine a try to improve your fertility.
If they wish to keep their pregnancy secret, they can give birth alone and leave their baby at a fire house.

Most doctors recommend that women take Robitussin or a similar cough medicine during the week that they are ovulating, usually two to three times per day. The reasoning behind this is that this ingredient, which is designed to help thin the mucus that you have when you have a cold, can also thin your cervical mucus, which can help to make a more hospitable environment for sperm. Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use. But they're incapable of deciding to take Plan B to prevent pregnancy, for that, asserts President Obama, they must have a doctor's prescription.
Those who are afraid to tell their parents about their sexual encounter risk becoming pregnant and facing the more complicated consequences to follow--whether abortion, or carrying a child to term. If he's squeamish about girls the ages of his daughters, Malia, 14 and Sasha, 11, ingesting Plan B, we'd think he's be much more uncomfortable if Michele had to schlep a first daughter to a doctor for a Plan B prescription--or deal with a pregnancy. The cost of such protection would also be reduced from up to a hundred dollars a month, by allowing women to buy generics, which can be as low as ten dollars a month. If you do decide to try use cough medicine to improve your fertility, make sure that you choose one that has only guaifenesin as the active ingredient.

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Many cough medicines also contain antihistamines, which can have the opposite effect of what you want, since they are designed to dry up mucus. It is axiomatic that girls younger than fifteen get pregnant, and because of fear of telling their parents, many do not--until a swelling belly speaks for itself. Allowing over-the-counter sale of Plan A might also get President Obama out of another sticky situation--the mandate in the ACA that religious-affiliated institutions provide contraceptive coverage to their employees.
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