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Look and feel your best in Motherhood's selection of fashionable maternity clothes, specially designed for stylish moms-to-be. One of the best parts of being pregnant is the ability to experiment with cute maternity clothes. We take the guesswork out of shopping for pregnancy clothes by designing all Motherhood styles specifically for the pregnant body, with sizing that runs according to your pre-pregnancy size. If you plan to breastfeed, nursing clothes will make the process easier regardless of needing to nurse at home or when you're out and about.
If you want to stay active during your pregnancy, our maternity activewear styles give you everything you need to keep moving and stay fit without pulling out the oversized hoodie. We always offer a great selection of affordable, stylish maternity clothes to help you take seasonal changes in stride.
Besides the best in affordable maternity clothing and maternity wear, you'll also find beauty products and a range of gifts for baby or mom-to-be! I resorted to ordering most of my casual clothes online at Old Navy – I am not a fan of buying clothes online, but their prices and their awesome return policy (prepaid shipping label for returns) made it pretty simple. We also carry plus size maternity clothing so you can build a flattering wardrobe to fit your changing shape.

They are designed to look like your regular clothes, but the functionality is built in so you can be comfortable and discreet. With the warmer weather just around the corner, we have plenty of great summer maternity clothes so you can update your wardrobe with the latest styles. I like wearing form fitting clothes to really show it off and not feel larger than I actually am. I have a big maternity stash from my other two pregnancies, but a lot of it I definitely don’t want to wear again.
I live in the middle of the desert and the closest store with maternity clothes is about 50 minutes away. Maternity clothes are so expensive considering you only wear them a few months (I didn’t really need them until I was around 5 months).
Play up your baby bump with sexy maternity dresses or stay casual with a pair of figure-hugging maternity bottoms topped with adorable maternity tops.
We even have maternity swimwear so if the temperature is right, you can still relax by the pool. Target, Old Navy and H&M all have every small maternity areas so I have had a little luck there.

My Old Navy has a maternity section, but everything from Loft and Gap I have had to order online. We also have a selection of maternity outerwear that can keep you warm and serve as a versatile accessory.
For wearing under your cute new maternity clothes we carry maternity lingerie and when the sun goes down our maternity sleepwear will keep you comfortable through the night. I have bought very little for actual maternity clothes and just regular ones that work with the bump. Best of all, our maternity wear is available everyday at amazing low prices that make it easy to play with different looks as your pregnancy progresses.
To avoid having to buy more clothes later in pregnancy, make sure the shirts you get now have room to expand in LENGTH!

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