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Those that have been following me from the beginning might remember that I started this pregnancy with a massive aversion to maternity clothes. Fast forward to today, and I gotta tell you, I did manage to find a FEW maternity clothing companies that I actually get excited about! But for now, I’d like to show you, guys, what I bought on my quest to find non-maternity maternity appropriate attire.
I feel there will be fewer options, the bigger I get and the colder it gets and I will have to make new purchases and re-assess my maternity clothing status.
And I totally see how it’d be hard to find nursing friendly clothes, harder than maternity. You look beautiful in all the dresses- and the soft pink one is not my style, but one of my favorites on you! I never wore a single piece of maternity clothing, but I find this post a little ridiculous.
As a newly pregnant girl who likes to look cute, I just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that being pregnant had to mean suddenly having to buy clothes at Old Navy or something equally tragic.

I figured I’d continue to wear my pre-pregnancy clothing as long as I can and then buy only a few pieces.
And I finally see the reason to buy actual maternity clothes, especially if you’re working during pregnancy.
I didn’t particularly like this dress online, but I ordered it because it was LITERALLY THE ONLY LIGHT PINK DRESS I could find. I will tell you, the bigger you get, the higher the front of non-maternity clothes will rise. I found a few companies that make really nice clothes for that, so I’ll write about that as well.
And considering, I’m planning on spending a year breastfeeding, I really need to get myself to remember about that aspect of clothes. One of my best friends is preggo (now 33 weeks) and has such a similar build to you – long, lean, tall, not that busty (no offense to either of you haha) – and she has gotten away with non-maternity clothes for most of her pregnancy! And I do hope I can still be comfortable in most of my pre-pregnancy clothes and maybe get a few maternity pieces designed to last after pregnancy.

Celebrities have entire lines of maternity clothes (not all of which are outrageously priced).
And while some might argue that Old Navy isn’t the epitome of cheap unattractive clothing, their maternity line is definitely nausea inducing. I needed a soft pink dress ( for a girl) and my husband wore light blue ( for a boy) to go the ultrasound.
Like I said, I never wore any but I honestly found myself browsing through maternity clothes last year just because I saw a lot of really cute stuff. I like a cheaper price tag, but it’s virtually impossible to find cute maternity clothes, especially on the cheap. With a figure like yours, I think your non-maternity clothes will last you longer than you think – lucky you!

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