Maternity clothes brands

I resorted to ordering most of my casual clothes online at Old Navy – I am not a fan of buying clothes online, but their prices and their awesome return policy (prepaid shipping label for returns) made it pretty simple.
I loves pickles and ice cream boutique and my favorite brands were olian and Japanese weekend. I like wearing form fitting clothes to really show it off and not feel larger than I actually am.
I have a big maternity stash from my other two pregnancies, but a lot of it I definitely don’t want to wear again. I live in the middle of the desert and the closest store with maternity clothes is about 50 minutes away. Maternity clothes are so expensive considering you only wear them a few months (I didn’t really need them until I was around 5 months).
My wife and I noticed that many of the women at the mall were wearing maternity style shirts.

Target, Old Navy and H&M all have every small maternity areas so I have had a little luck there.
My Old Navy has a maternity section, but everything from Loft and Gap I have had to order online. My wife pointed out a few tops that looked just like a maternity shirt she owned when she was pregnant with my daughter. I find a lot of my dressier tops from this brand, and have purchased a few that I wear on repeat. I have bought very little for actual maternity clothes and just regular ones that work with the bump. I discovered that Mothers Work produces many of the major brands of maternity clothes during my wife’s first pregnancy.
To avoid having to buy more clothes later in pregnancy, make sure the shirts you get now have room to expand in LENGTH!

These leading brands include: While still at the mall, I guessed that Mothers Work was probably facing declining sales and sagging stock price. The only question that remained in my mind was how long would this maternity like mainstream style continue. The trend pendulum is already swinging in the other direction, and wasp-waisted styles will be everywhere come fall… – Suzanne D’Amato Source: The Look, Washington Post According to this Washington Post fashion expert, this maternity looking style should be fading soon.

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