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There are lots of conception myths and misconceptions out there, but trying to get pregnant doesn't have to be a minefield of question marks.
That's why we hosted a fertility and ovulation live chat especially so you could ask your conception questions to a qualified expert. He has gained the Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and has helped manage women throughout their pregnancy leading on to the delivery of numerous babies, and is well placed to dispel any fertility and conception questions.
Our live chat was inundated with all kinds of interesting questions, from how to know if your eggs are good quality, to how to boost your fertility to alternative methods to support you to get pregnant.

The figures that are most often quoted are that out of every 100 couples trying for a baby, 80 to 90 will get pregnant (conceive) within one year. You can get pregnant right away after stopping regular-dose or low-dose hormonal birth control. Alex Vass was able to help with all of them, so read on to see the questions and answers from our live chat. As you are not pregnant after trying for longer than that I would advise that you and your partner see your GP so that you can have some basic tests done on your and your partner’s fertility.

About half of women get pregnant in the first 3 months after stopping the Pill, and most women get pregnant within 12 months after stopping the Pill.

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