Little known facts about pregnancy

But for all of that beauty and mushy-gushiness, there is also a very strange, dark, disgusting, horrifying, and occasionally, disturbing side to being pregnant. There are millions of things about pregnancy that aren’t listed in books and that no one ever tells you about.
2.) About one in three mothers give birth by Cesarean section each year - triple the number of women that were having them ten years ago. 11.) Your blood flow increases so much during pregnancy that it's not uncommon to have nose bleeds and bloody gums on occasion.

13.) Your uterus starts at about the size of a small pear at the beginning of your pregnancy and grows to about the size of a medium watermelon.
Your body is changing, shifting, and contorting to accommodate this little helpless creature (two in my case). What you may not have known is that enhanced smell is a mother's way of avoiding foods that may be harmful to the baby. Think of it like this: most women have been pregnant at some point in their life, miscarried, and never even knew about it.

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