Lisa loeb pregnant at 43

In her introductory blog, Loeb writes about her family and pregnancy thus far, and fills us in on a sanity-saving secret: cat naps in the car.
Getting involved in camp again inspired me to start the Camp Lisa Foundation to send kids to summer camp. When I was pregnant with Lyla, we were remodeling our home and living in another part of town. I’m only familiar with Lisa through a couple of her songs, but after reading this blog I have to say I love her!
Lisa, I am old enough (almost) to be your Mom,but I just love your music and your wonderful personality! In her most recent blog, Loeb writes about her recent pregnancy cold and shares how she and her husband told Lyla that she would be a big sister. My husband and I waited until the pregnancy was pretty far along, got some books about becoming a big sister, and told her. Otherwise, my pregnancy is still going great, especially when I get a little nap in while Lyla’s napping.

And like other pregnant women, I found myself constantly looking online to check out my symptoms and what I’m allowed to take, even though my OB and ENT already explained it to me, and I know the doctors would prefer that we talk to them, not to the multiple sites we troll.
Take care of yourselves this week, pregnant or not, get enough rest, and if you have a cold too, or just want some comfort, find the best soup in the neighborhood. With both of my pregnancies I didn’t necessarily have a cold but I was perpetually stuffy, blowing my nose did not make a difference. The thing we need to realize is that celebrities are human too and yes having babies later in life and enjoying relatively healthy pregnancies.
Rachel, I think many celebs may indeed have difficulty getting pregnant, but they just don’t choose to complain about it, or make it public. Just fyi, if people have been pregnant once, it tends to be easier to have other babies, even if you are older. 19 (UPI) -- Kelly Clarkson releases "Piece by Piece" music video featuring 17-month-old daughter River Rose amid concerns about her second pregnancy. I also eat a lot of raw kale salads and apples and cucumbers, which I love even when I’m not pregnant.

I remember needing my afternoon nap when I was pregnant with my first, but I don’t think the naps started as early on in the pregnancy as this one. As long as Lisa is still perfectly healthy, there is nothing wrong with her having a child in her mid-forties.
She’s a mother of a two year old with a cold and is pregnant at the same time and may not have had some makeup on. Us regular folks are told by our OB’s time and time again, get pregnant by 35 because it is harder after that. We tried to concieve our second for a long time, after years of trying we decided maybe it just isnt meant to be and it was that same month that I became pregnant! Hope you have a wonderful pregnancy, cant wait to see your new baby…Lyla is beautiful btw!

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