Lightning in pregnancy facts

It can be scary to think of delivering a preterm baby, but take comfort in the fact that the vast majority of babies born at week 32 will not only survive, they will be perfectly strong and healthy after spending some time in an incubator. Between hormones, your increased blood volume and the pressure of your uterus, your legs can really suffer in the later stages of pregnancy.
The good news is that by the end of this week, your pregnancy will be full-term and you could give birth any day.
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Keep in mind that you're not finished growing -- in fact, you're putting on weight faster that at any other time in your pregnancy. You can attribute some of your absentmindedness to your hormones, but it's not unusual to divide all of your attention between labor worries and the health of your growing baby at 32 weeks pregnant.
There are plenty of ways to become involved in the pregnancy, so take the opportunity when it presents itself. Feeling blue in pregnancy and during the weeks following delivery is more common than you think, and often the support of understanding friends and peers will help significantly.

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