Last stages of goat pregnancy

If you're breeding goats, it is often not possible to know whether or not a doe is pregnant simply by looking at the goat. Some goats won't show much in the way of weight gain at all, so merely looking for weight gain isn't the simple solution. Realize that this eyeballing test doesn't work with all goats and in fact, some does can look wide and therefore pregnant, and not actually be pregnant.[4] However, in some cases, the size of the doe will indicate that pregnancy is well underway and, along with other pregnancy signs, can confirm pregnancy.

This tends to increase in size close to kidding time.[6] It may only do this several hours before kidding, depending on the goat as an individual and its breed. However, goats can show a false positive and this may be accompanied by an increased belly.[2] If you want absolute certainty, ask the vet for an ultrasound. If the doe is pregnant, the anus will drop away from the tail area and the vulva will appear longer, like a teardrop.[5] However, as with looking at the goat's belly size, this is subjective and based on good observation skills.

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