Kate still looks pregnant after birth

Kate unashamedly refused to hide her still-swollen bump last week in front of the world’s media.
If you’ve already had kids, the fact that our bodies still look pregnant after we deliver our babies would come as no surprise. I reckon Kate’s appearance will go a long way towards a step-change in thinking, and¬†hopefully an increase in body acceptance and love for us all.
In a society where the pregnant body is considered beautiful, and a slender body is considered beautiful, it’s time that we recognise that a post-baby body is beautiful too. To see what real mummy tummies look like click HERE, and for ideas of what to wear in those few months after you give birth click HERE. I thought when she came out she looked stunning and given I left the hospital in my pj’s I was impressed, But I was most impressed like you in not hiding the remainder bump.

Even though I knew that women still tend to look about five months pregnant after giving birth, I’d never actually seen it for myself. I haven’t had kids yet, but go Kate for creating healthy body images for the average woman. A woman will generally gain about 16 kilograms during her pregnancy and will lose about seven kg during birth, he said. Put together a few sports team looks for some of my friends featuring Jamberry nails to match. Also, after having lugged around a huge, hard bump for months, I felt amazingly thin for that first week or two. Your body takes 9 months to grow a baby and takes a few months to go back to normal after .

It takes about three to four weeks for it to return to its pre pregnancy shape and size, he said. Black said his patients generally do not start exercising until four or six weeks post birth.

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