Juicing while trying to conceive

When people ask me what the one biggest dietary change someone can make when trying to boost their fertility, I have to say it is juicing and smoothies.
Juicing is one of the absolute best things you can do for your health during preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Greens are one of the most important (if not the most important) food for us to be juicing.
I realize some of you will not be able to get a juicer or may not be ready to start juicing, so an alternative to juicing would be to use a greens powder daily. There is no other way in which the cells and tissues of our body can be replenished, except from what we eat and drink, and REPLENISHMENT is the great law of life. Greens, fruits and vegetables are the most nutritious food for us on the planet, juicing allows us to access nourishment in great quantities and in an extremely absorbable form.

Definitely, a prenatal or preconception multivitamin like Fertile Woman One Daily is best when you are trying to conceive. It took me a while to get pregnant and I read somewhere that a cleanse can help reboot my system.
In this post you can see that I tried different juices depending on which trimester I was in and in relation to the growing fetus nutritional requirements. Regardless of what your diet is like right now juicing can help to make you healthier, reduce cravings for other foods and make you feel fabulous.
In a typical day one may eat greens but when you are juicing, you can get a huge amount of greens.
Juicing is the most potent, but green superfoods can provide you with a lot of nutrients in a convenient way.

This will help supply important nutrients for the critical development of your baby in its first couple weeks of life, a time which one often doesn’t know they are yet pregnant. Juicing is also the easiest way to get a large amount of easy to assimilate, fast nutrition. Juicing is a treasure for every woman and man who is preparing for conception and pregnancy.
This is beneficial because green leafy vegetables contain minerals which are so important to our health and help to alkalize the body.

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