Jewish way to get pregnant

We often talk about the problems religion brings upon women by forbidding the use of birth control, but, oddly enough, there's a phenomenon in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community which is causing the exact opposite problem.
Their strict religious rules, known as halacha, govern many aspects of women's lives, including when they're allowed to have sex with their husbands, and one rule in particular is preventing some women from being able to get pregnant even when they desperately want to. Rabbis don't usually allow women to make the adjustments to when they visit the mikveh, and most women say they don't want to break the rule in order to get pregnant.

This allows a woman to get pregnant without technically touching her husband, so she can do it during the period before she visits the mikveh. But for the women whose cycles are slightly off from the norm, causing them to ovulate before day 12 of their cycle, this restriction means they can't have sex when they're fertile and makes it very difficult or impossible for them to get pregnant.

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