Jamie lynn spears pregnancy pictures

In 2009, Spears and her daughter moved to a new home in Nashville so that she could pursue a new career. Jamie Lynn Spears was just 16 when she had one of the most high-profile teen pregnancies in Hollywood history.
And it sounds like Maddie loves her auntie Britney Spears and her cousins Sean Preston and Jayden James.
Hey, so her boyfriend got her pregnant at 16 and she is 21 when they broke up, a five year relationship sounds a lot like love to me, its not like she got pregnant and he dumped her right after. I guess I am the minority here and I see that Jamie Lynn has accepted responsibility for the way her daughter was conceived and has MOVED ON. I think it’s about time that everyone stop slamming Jamie Lynn for making a mistake that MILLIONS of teenagers make year after year.

To me this shows that Jamie Lynn is growing into a smart young woman who is set on making the most out of the cards she was dealt. Teenage girls get pregnant and love to make up excuses to to make people feel pity for them. The funny thing (but not HaHa Funny) is that Britney has to have guardian ship from the father Jamie for a married grown a** woman, to have her daddy watch over her money!!!
But in an Associated Press interview conducted shortly before Thanksgiving, Jamie Lynn said she did not have a steady boyfriend.
Obviously seeing [sister Britney Spears' negative tabloid coverage], I knew how far it could go. Jamie Lynn talking about how she wanted to do everything herself and that she breastfed for almost a year and that she wants to have an open and honest relationship with her daughter, as well as the responsible way her and Casey are raising their daughter together shows me that she is doing her best to be the best mom she can be.

The whole Spears clan are just a huge car crash who should have never made it in Tinseltown for their own good. Having been a teen mum and having commented on Jamie before its not the worst thing in the world. Jamie seems to be taking really good care of Maddie and they always look so happy together.

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