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At age 40 and above women have reduced fertility potential as compared to that seen in younger women. When couples are trying on their own to get pregnant the fertility issue that reduces chances for success is related to the quality of the eggs. Although these age and fertility statistics are specifically about IVF success, there is a similar loss in fertility potential with aging in the general "normal fertile" population. Another point shown here is that there not a substantial decline in success by age of the recipient woman with donor egg IVF. The national summary (as well as clinic specific results) of IVF success rates for cycles done in years 1995 through 2012 are posted on the CDC website.
All clinics have some upper age limit after which they will not perform in vitro fertilization with the woman's own eggs. Yes, there are women who have conceived naturally over the age of 50 and had healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.

High quality IVF results in better embryo quality which leads to better chances for successful outcomes - at any age. Many infertility doctors recommend that women over about 38 that are infertile should have aggressive treatment and proceed to in vitro fertilization (IVF) relatively quickly - before all fertility potential is lost. Most IVF centers are willing to attempt IVF using the female partner's eggs until about age 44, after which the couple would be offered egg donation as the only realistic advanced fertility treatment. They also have substantially lower success rates with fertility treatments including in vitro fertilization (IVF). With treatments such as IVF, the issue that holds back success potential is both egg quality and egg quantity. With IVF treatment we hope to get multiple embryos so we can choose the best ones from a group for transfer back to the uterus.
However, when going through a fertility treatment such as IVF, the quantity of eggs remaining influences response to ovarian stimulating medications.

This report was generated from national data from hundreds of clinics and well over 100,000 IVF cycles. The report summarizes national data from hundreds of clinics and many thousands of IVF treatments. Egg quality translates over to embryo quality - which is by far the most important factor determining if IVF works.

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