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Raipur ivf offer affordable IUI treatment with high success Rate in India,raipur, Get our Clinic details, and connect with our IUI experts.Get More Info. IUI is a form of artificial insemination where the sperm are washed and placed directly into the womb using a fine catheter. Cost of treatment varies depending on whether you receive drugs or not to stimulate the ovaries and whether you require scanning. IUI is indicated in patients with Ejaculatory dysfunction (including sexual dysfunction and impotence) mild male factor infertility, unexplained infertility, Stage I or II endometriosis. Like most hospital treatment, accessing IUI usually starts with a visit to your GP for a referral to the Fertility Unit. The evidence in support of IVF in favour of IUI is highly controversial and depends on how successful the particular IUI service is. However IUI is significantly less traumatic, carries lower risk  and is less than one third of the cost.

Please check our latest price list for all investigations and treatments but bear in mind that when comparing our cost with other centres that you account for the cost of the drugs require.
It is essential that the fallopian tubes are known to be open and healthy before the IUI process begins. The evidence cited in the most recent NICE guidelines (2013) seemed to  portray IUI in a poor light and showed IUI to be only 6-7% successful. IUI is usually combined with some sort of ovarian stimulation, which uses drugs to produce one or even two good quality eggs and ensure that they are released at around the same time as the insemination.
Yet this was based on very little evidence and in contrast here in Nottingham, like a number of other successful centres the success rate of IUI is more than double that at around 15% which is more successful that natural conception.
It is also seen that in unexplained infertility IUIs yield the best success rates in the first 3-4 cycles after which the success rates drop drastically to arounf 5%.
Hence it is advisable that after trying IUI for a few cycles one should move on to IVF as there may be subtle defects in fertilization or in conditions of embryo development.

Success rates of IUI are also dependent on many other factors like whether ovulation induction was given and timing of IUI with follicular rupture.
The time spent on semen preparation and subsequent IUI should be minimum as more the time spent more the failure of IUI as semen quality goes down. It is important to be aware of the IUI success rates as many couples harbor their hopes on IUI.
The couple should take the decision after taking into account success rates and cost of procedure.

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