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Text4baby provides support throughout pregnancy and baby's first year with FREE text messages on topics like nutrition, developmental milestones, and more. One element of the study points to increased potential for interesting SMS-based interventions: Whereas most of the examples above involve one-way text messages, Rokicki et al. Girls in both groups 1 and 2 received a tip that they could call a hotline with any health questions.

In terms of behavior, participants in the Interactive group were slightly more likely to have had sex in the last year (21% in control versus 27%), but the probability of pregnancy – conditional on having had sex in the last year – was significantly lower for both the Interactive and the Unidirectional groups (8% for both, versus 16% in the control group). The authors highlight that this is exactly the period when many girls in Ghana initiate sexual activity ("by age 15 only 8% of girls have had sex, by age 18 about 43%, and by age 20, about 71% have had sex"), so a one-year head start in knowledge could be significant. Knowledge scores from Rokicki et al.

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