Information pregnancy stages

Do you understand how a woman's body changes from conception through the various stages of pregnancy.
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Labour may last up to 24 hours for a first pregnancy but tends to be shorter in subsequent pregnancies.
This hormonal fluctuation, which causes physiological changes, particularly in the breasts in preparation for breast-feeding, often leads to emotional swings.Once the baby and the placenta have been delivered, the uterus starts to revert to its size before pregnancy.

Although this process usually progresses smoothly, sometimes problems may develop.Problems during pregnancy may affect the mother, the fetus, or both. Many of the most common disorders are mild and short-lived, but others may be severe or even life-threatening to the mother or the fetus.The first article in this section deals with common complaints that occur at some time during most pregnancies. However, it may take several months for muscle tone to be regained in the abdomen, and any excess weight gained during pregnancy will have to be lost through a careful diet and exercise. High-risk pregnancies and pre-existing conditions that should be taken into consideration when planning a pregnancy are discussed next.

The remaining articles in this section cover various problems that may occur at different stages of pregnancy.In developed countries, pregnancy is no longer a major health risk for most women. In some cases, problems in pregnancy can be averted by good antenatal care and a healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy.

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