Information on triplet pregnancy

If you are pregnant with triplets, you may be both overjoyed and overwhelmed anticipating your new arrivals.
A triplet pregnancy may be discovered because the woman's belly is bigger than expected for a given stage in pregnancy or the doctor may notice more than one baby's heartbeat during a prenatal visit. A woman carrying triplets often has much worse morning sickness than a woman carrying only one baby. When triplets are discovered early in a pregnancy, it's possible that one or more of them will not develop into a baby. The National Library of Medicine's web site, MedlinePlus, can be a good place to start your search for information about triplet birth.
I expect to breastfeed any stable, healthy triplet as soon as the infant(s) exhibits feeding cues, which is usually within an hour of birth.

Triplet pregnancies are exciting, but they present special challenges for everyone involved. The major cause of increased triplet pregnancies is the increasing use of fertility treatments. Most of the time, though, triplets are discovered during routine ultrasound testing on women who have had fertility treatments. Most women will choose to see an obstetrician, preferably one who has experience with multiple pregnancies.
Premature triplets have similar risks and problems as single or twin babies who are premature, and tend to do about as well. This birth plan is intended to express our preferences and desires we have for a vaginal birth, if AT ALL possible, of our triplets.

I expect any stable, healthy triplet to be admitted to the unit with me and stay in my room with me as soon as possible. Careful monitoring, proper care, and preparation are necessary to ensure that a triplet pregnancy is successful.
It's important to try to eat healthy foods, though, and the mother of triplets should expect to gain more weight than in a single pregnancy.
One study of women who started out with triplets showed that about half of the mothers delivered three babies, one third delivered twins, and 18 percent delivered a single baby.

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