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When I went to my very first doctor appointment during my first pregnancy I was shocked at the lack of nutritional information that they offered me. While there are many foods that I included in my diet while pregnant to nourish my body and my growing baby, I wanted to break it down here into what I believe to be the top five pregnancy superfoods. While all of this information might sound wonderful, not everyone loves to actually eat these foods.

If you page through Nourishing Traditions, you will learn all about the special diets for the mothers-to-be.These include nutrient dense foods like fish eggs, liver, bone marrow, raw milk, egg yolks and other animal fats.
Consuming choline during pregnancy assists in fetal brain development and protects against fetal brain defects.Two large egg yolks provide a little over 230 milligrams of choline, or about half of your daily needs. This article by Chris Kresser explains more about the mercury content in fish and how that affects our health.

He explains that the studies he reviewed not only found that fish consumption during pregnancy was beneficial, but also noted neurological and developmental impairments among children whose mothers had avoided fish consumption!

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