I want to get pregnant but i just got off depo

One important thing to remember is that it can take a long time for Depo Provera to get out of your system.
Since there is only a small window of time when you can get pregnant each month anyway, it might be helpful for you to learn how to track your ovulation or chart your cycles. Talking with your doctor is also a good idea if you are trying to get pregnant after your Depo shots stop. I had only one depo shot a day after I had my son, which was October 2014 and now my husband and I are trying to have another baby but can’t seem to get pregnant.
My last depo shot was February 23 2015 and i ha some bleeding today and had unprotected sex could i get pregnant. Was on depoprovera and th last shot expired on 9th december 2014.this month I ve been having intercourse every after 2days. But here comes the difficulty, because it is more long lasting than oral contraceptives it stays in your body for a longer period of time, and can potentially stall your pregnancy plans.
How long it will take to get pregnant after taking Depo-Provera is not an easy question to answer as it depends on a myriad of different factors, but in general it varies from person to person. The official line is that it will take you around two years for your body to get back into a position where it has the same chance of getting pregnant as a woman who has never taken the drug. I was on the depo for nearly 2 years and I had my last shot in January then decided to come off it as I wanted to try for a baby. It does take around 6-9 (sometimes more) for your body to readjust itself after your lat depo shot.
Many women who have been on Depo shots in the past and stopped because they wanted to start a family, have said that they usually get pregnant within a year of stopping.
Some women have stopped taking this shot for many years and are still unable to become pregnant. Greetings Doc, I have recently had a baby 4 months back and before I left the hospital, I took the depo provera shot.
I’ve been on depofor 4 years I just stopped June 2015 I just spotted august 8th and that was it I had sexual intercourse w. I’ve been of depo shot got about 18 months and have had two full periods oone if February and one in August and I still haven’t gotten pregnant any advice ! Depo-Provera is a popular form of birth control, given in a shot form, once every 3 months. Depo-Provera works by preventing the formation of uterine linings, therefore preventing regular menstruation.
Many women who take Depo-Provera for an extended amount of time stop having periods all together. Usually Depo-Provera is a better choice for women who do not wish to become pregnant anytime soon.
I got my depo in January 2015 and I got off my depo shot in May 22, 2015 and I don’t see my cycle at all. I been on depo for 9 months and I have now been off depo for about 3 months and I have gotten my period. I got my last depo shot on May 2015 I’ve gotten my period in august 2015 for 8 days like a regular period.
The average time that it takes for Depo to get out of your system is 12 months, and sometimes longer.
This can be helpful in helping you know exactly when you need to have sex in order to get pregnant.
Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.
THE OTHER CHALLENGE IS I HAVE A SMALL FIBROID, I WAS GIVEN CLOMID 100GRAMS, BUT THE RESULTS STILL IS NEGATIVE. A year ago my doc said I have one tube closed n say is gone b way harder trying to get pregnant…. While some lucky women get pregnant within a month of stopping usage, most women take around 2 years for fertility to return.

Whilst some women have claimed to get pregnant only a month after the drug’s three month viability period, others have had to wait up to three years before their bodies returned to their natural cycles. It could be affected by lifestyle choices or biological make-up, but the scientific evidence is not conclusive. I got a normal period back after 5 months and near the end of the week i got my period the bleeding got lighter but I am still bleeding lightly after a month from the 1st day of my period. I got on the depo shot back in May and is due for another one come August 5th but will not get it. Reports say a lot of women take around 4-6 months to get their periods back after getting off Depo.
I have not had a period since being off the depo and while I was on the depo I would have really light irregular periods and sometimes have them a few times a month. That is why it is difficult to get pregnant immediately afterward and that is why you should think hard about what birth control is right for you.
If you are unable to become pregnant after you’ve stopped the Depo shot, then you will need to speak with your doctor. I have two small children already and I only did 2 rounds of depo after I had my youngest daughter.
I was suppose to take it again in June, but I didn’t, I was still bleeding heavily so I chose not to. My period has always been irregular but I got it back about 3 months after stopping the shots. For women who use Depo as a form of contraception, find out how long it takes to get pregnant after stopping the injections. One of the benefits of Depo-Provera is that you only get the injections four times a year, making it much easier to remember than taking a pill every day. While this is a great thing when you are trying to prevent pregnancy, when you decide it is time to start a family, it could cause a few issues. Since a missed period is usually the first sign of pregnancy, this can be a real problem for women who are trying to start a family.
It will take up to two years from the date of your last Depo-Provera shot for your chances of getting pregnant to get back to that of a woman who has never had the shot.
If you think that you might want to become pregnant soon, the contraceptive pill might be a better choice for you. An on the 7th of September my fiancee an I had our time an I wanted to know if I’m still safe or not. However, many women worry about getting pregnant after depo and wonder if they will have a hard time and if there is anything they can do to increase their chances. It does take the body a long time to return to normal after Depo Provera shots, and it takes a long time for the Depo to get out of your system. Doctors are also a valuable resource in telling you about their experiences and may be a great advocate for helping you in your journey to getting pregnant.
And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! But me and my husband decided to try to get pregnet I started to days ago taking prenatal vitamins then started spotting last night. Just this month I started experiencing ovulation and period like symptoms but still no period yet . Either way, no research has shown that this contraceptive agent makes women infertile, so getting pregnant is just a waiting game with you and your body. It is also claimed that one shot of Depo-Provera can take just as long to recover from as two years continual dosage. I just wondered if there’s anything I can buy that with help my cycle get back to normal so that I can conceive.
Though now it seems as if there are many ways to go about this process exactly how you want to. It has been said that however long that you were getting the shot may inevitably have something to do with how long it will take you before you become pregnant.

But before beginning take the shots, you should always discuss all of the possible side effects with your OBGYN or general doctor, especially if you plan to become a mom in the not too distance future. There are many other options readily available for you to help you be able to conceive a beautiful baby like taking various fertility supplements to help kickstart your reproductive system, regulate your hormones and cycles, to get you back on track.
I’ve now been off of the depo for 20 months and still have not gotten my period back. I was just wondering when I should start thinking about weather either one of us is infertile. Depo-Provera is also usually tolerated very well by patients who can not take oral birth control pills for a number of reasons.
Since Depo-Provera is administered in a shot form once every three months, it’s effects are much more long-lasting than an oral pill.
Depo-Provera can make it very hard to calculate when you will be ovulating, and therefore harder to know when you will get pregnant.
So, basically, four months after stopping the shot, your chances will start to increase, and it can take up to two years for your chance of getting pregnant to be at the same level as it was pre-Depo. If you know that you do not want to become pregnant for several years, Depo-Provera is a good choice.
I have just been to my doctor for help to get pregnant and I also wanted a fertility test done but all she said was to go on pill or the patch to sort out my period.
Depo-Provera works by blocking the hormones that promote the growth of your uterine lining; thus preventing the natural course of a pregnancy through normal ovulation. The best way to get Depo off your system is to keep yourself healthy by eating right, exercising regularly and limiting alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and stress. Though if you’ve previously been on chemical birth control such as Depo-Provera and then stopped them because you want to become pregnant, you may not know how long it will take before you will actually get pregnant. It is not something they tell you when you are young and wanted to prevent unwanted pregnancies, that it may mess up your fertility in the long run.
The shot form takes longer to wear off and can stay inside your body for a longer amount of time.
The effects of one Depo-Provera shot can last up to eight months after the shot is administered, which is much longer than what most people would think.
Something to remember is that the amount of time you have been taking the Depo Provera shot does not affect how long it will take you to get pregnant after going off of the shot. Just remember that getting pregnant after going off of the Depo-Provera shot may require some extra patience, since it might take longer than expected. My husband and I talked and decided we wanted to have a baby, so I didn’t go back for my next shot. However, I have been bleeding for 2 weeks straight and don’t want to take my next shot because we are ready for another child. You will not begin ovulating again until the Depo-Provera shot is fully out of your system. I know in my case, I had been taking Depo for the better part of 5-6 years and seldom had a cycle at all.
So it should have taken upwards of 4-12 months to get pregnant, which of course we had no idea. 2014, and taken 4 pregnancy tests that came back negative, but had very light spotting 2-3 weeks ago (only there when I wiped, and it was a rustic pink color). But for the majority of women, I believe that the opposite is true and it may take longer than you expect.

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