I want to be pregnant but im only 17

According to new research from (duh) Europe, pregnant women who cave to the siren's call of a glass of wine or four don't necessarily put their future babies at risk for cognitive problems, at least early in life.
The Danish study, published in the journal BJOG: International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, followed the pregnancy behavior of more than 1,600 pregnant women and found that mommies-in-waiting could drink up to 8 alcoholic beverages per week during early and mid-pregnancy without fucking up their child. If you're worried that researchers asked pregnant women to drink alcohol while they were gestating, and you're concerned about the ethical implications of that sort of research, calm down, nerds. Even though the study showed that light drinking during pregnancy is safe, doctors warned women that they should, uh, not take the study as evidence that light drinking during pregnancy is safe. When I was in eighth grade, I knew that i was pregnant and when my parents found out….abortion was their first word!!!
I was 16 when i found out i was pregnant and me and my boyfriend had just broke up 3 weeks before a found out. I got pregnant with an aquaintence of mine who I only see every once in a while when I was 15. Midriff-baring: If one were to scroll down her social media pages, one will find many selfies of her crop top ensembles Certain things catch your eye, but only few capture the heart.

Unfortunately, a distended pregnant abdomen may make it difficult for others to take body shots off of your midsection. Heavier drinking seemed to negatively affect children by age 5, but since a very small number of mothers in the study drank that much during pregnancy, researchers weren't able to say conclusively whether or not alcohol was the culprit of the children's cognitive difficulties. Mothers were surveyed near the midpoint of their pregnancy about alcohol use that had already occurred, and most of the women who had drank did so very early in their pregnancies, possibly without knowing that they were pregnant. The safest way to be pregnant is to not do anything that could possibly endanger your child, explain researchers. Except we’d talked before a few times, but we hooked up one night and a month and a half later I found out I was pregnant. I found out I was pregnant by accident, my ex and I got into an argument and it led to violence *again.
The boy that I was pregnant by said it was not his baby, but I know it was his baby because he was the only boy I slept with in five months.
And until pregnancy camps exist, concerned non-pregnant onlookers have a civic duty to inform every pregnant woman they see what, exactly, they're doing wrong.

The doctor came in and asked me if I had ever been pregnant and I said no and she told me well congratulations your 6 weeks pregnant. When my period hadn’t come, I began to worry but my boyfriend continued to tell me that everything was alright.
My boyfriend at the time didnt agree and neither did I.I was only13 but I dont believe in abortion.
Well my mother drove 4hours away and when we got to the clinic I had to sign papers, which I didnt want to. I was in college, had my whole life ahead of me, and didn’t want to let my family down.

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