I got pregnant at 45 naturally

My gorgeous little accident: Debbie amazed doctors - not to mention her grandchildren - by getting pregnant naturally at 53 while on the Pill. Peering at the two blue lines on the pregnancy test, Debbie Hughes reached for her reading glasses to check that her eyes weren’t deceiving her. Debbie, a jewellery shop saleswoman, was made redundant at the end of last year, shortly after she discovered she was pregnant.
The expansion of our family has made headlines ever since I became pregnant after our fertility clinic accidentally transferred the embryos of another couple into me.
Fast approaching her 53rd birthday, she thought she was too old to conceive naturally and, besides, she was on the Pill.

And so, on June 22 last year, Kyle was born naturally, weighing a healthy 7lb 11oz, just one hour after Debbie was admitted to Northampton Hospital.A joyous occasion undoubtedly. I slam-dunked my first trimester, our new son appears to be healthy, and so far, this pregnancy has been free of complications.
She gave that child up to his parents, even as doctors told her it was her last chance of pregnancy.
I’ve gone through countless fertility treatments over the past two decades and with the exception of a couple of IVFs, I’ve only seen two positive home pregnancy tests. Because of my age I was very concerned about the risk of miscarriage, or birth defects, so I was very anxious and flustered when I went to see my GP.‘His eyes almost popped out of his head when I said “I’m pregnant”.

According to reports published in 2005, scientists have identified a genetic profile that appears to enable women over the age of 45 to conceive naturally.

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