Human pregnancy months

In order for a human child to reach that stage, it would require 18 to 21 months of gestation. University of Rhode Island anthropologist Holly Dunsworth has come up with a new and improved interpretation about the seemingly abbreviated human gestation period. LiveScience reports:By six months of pregnancy, women expend twice their usual energy keeping basic metabolic processes going, a burden that only gets greater as the fetus gets larger.

The typical maximum metabolic rate humans can sustain is between 2 times and 2.5 times average (with some exceptions such as professional cyclists).
That means the female body may simply not be able to cycle through enough energy to keep a pregnancy going more than nine months.
This data has prompted Dunsworth to suggest that humans haven't cut pregnancy short, but have actually extended it so that babies can get even bigger and smarter than the rest of our primate cousins.

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