How to prepare for pregnancy delivery

Know your backup hospital and affix the telephone number to your refrigerator for easy access. If the nesting instinct hits your nest right as you're preparing for childbirth, make the most of it — now, before life becomes too hectic and before finding a moment to shower (and rinse thoroughly) will be challenging enough. Decide on where you want labor and delivery to take place, and clear the area of any fragile objects, special carpets, cumbersome furniture, or precious items. Welcome to a pre-labor ritual that helps get your home ready for the baby, and helps you pass the time. And have handy the number for an emergency transport service should the need for one arise (hopefully, it won't).
But to make sure you can get to a hospital quickly in case a labor intervention is called for, cover all your plan B bases.

For the baby, you’ll need some T-shirts, socks, receiving blanket, and heavier clothes if the weather is cold. Easy does it when you’re a new mom, so line your shelves with every healthy convenience you can think of, from soups (they can stand in for lunch when you barely have time to sit) to nuts (the perfect nutritious nibbler, particularly when teamed with dried fruit). Pre-registration doesn’t give you a precise "save the date" notice, but it is a way to ensure that your name, insurance information, and practitioner contact info are ready and waiting for you when you arrive. And for you, some comfortable clothes (sweats, a robe, soft shirts, warm socks), a nursing bra, snacks (raisins, nuts, whole-wheat crackers, lollipops), bottled water, toiletries (remember to pack lip balm — you may need to reapply it throughout labor), portable entertainment (books, magazines, music), and eyeglasses (if you wear them).
Make sure your partner knows the details of running the house, and that others are standing by to assist in caring for any children, pets, plants, and mail or newspaper deliveries. Other goods to get as you prepare for birth: whole-grain crackers and cereal, canned beans, fruits and vegetables, pasta, brown rice, sauces.

You don't want to overdo it so close to labor and delivery (and you need to save up some of that extra energy for delivery!).
And for you, pick up plenty of super-absorbent maxi pads, Tucks medicated pads and ice packs (not the kinds of things you want to run out of in the middle of the night). Welcome to the end zone — the point in your pregnancy where time seems to slow down, and the waiting becomes interminable (especially if your nine-month pregnancy is now entering your tenth month).

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