How to maintain a healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy is an experience that can bring delight and possibly anxiety especially if it is your first time.
Maintaining a healthy diet before, during, and after pregnancy is essential to having a healthy baby.
Food cravings are a normal occurrence during pregnancy and about two-thirds of pregnant women will get them.
It is important for you to tell a friend, relative or anyone else you trust, that you are pregnant. Check out the Effects of Drugs During Pregnancy to learn what all these substances can do to you and your baby.
A question many couples have is whether it is okay to have sex while pregnant and whether or not it can harm the fetus.
Best Position: The “man-on-top” position becomes awkward during pregnancy therefore the side-by-side position is a better option. Please Note that all matters pertaining to sexual activity should be greatly dependent upon the pregnant women’s feelings. The site is maintained by students from the University of California, Santa Barbara who have studied advanced topics in human sexuality. The first step to follow if you believe you are pregnant is take is to make adoctor’s appointment.
All pregnant women should consider getting one performed if there is a family history of any hereditary conditions.
A woman should get tested for her immunity to German measles (rubella) before pregnancy because the fetus can suffer serious developmental defects such as deafness and intellectual disability.
However, even though you’re eating for two, it’s only necessary to add about 300 more calories to your diet.
Exercise provides many benefits, which will make your pregnancy easier and happier for you.

Make sure the people around you know about the adventure you have embarked on so they can help you through pregnancy. Substances that a pregnant woman puts in her body will pass through the placental barrier and affect the fetus.
Eating fish during pregnancy can be very dangerous because children fetuses are more vulnerable to mercury as a serious toxin. If a pregnant woman is infected by LCMV then it can be passed on to the fetus and cause abnormalities or miscarriage. Pregnant woman who are sexually active or have multiple partners should be extra careful to ensure they do not become infected. A pregnancy test done at a doctor’s office will give you the most accurate results. During your appointment you will probably meet with a Health Advisor, or nurse, who will advise you on nutrition, doctor’s appointments, exercises, classes, etc. This will help alleviate the stresses of pregnancy and does not mean there is something wrong with you. The testing should be done between fifteen and twenty weeks into your pregnancy while the best time is between weeks sixteen and seventeen.
It is also important to be tested for HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) because a woman can pass the virus on to the fetus during pregnancy or at birth.  It is also wise to get tested for STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) such as genital herpes and chlamydia, which can cause damage to the fetus, premature birth, and neonatal eye infections. However, if they are preventing you from getting other essential nutrients in your diet then you should try to keep a more balanced diet and consult your doctor.
It is also important to never give in to non-food cravings and consult your health provider if they are causing you problems. You can also check out The Office of Environmental Hazard and Health website for more details. However, remember that it is normal for sexual activity to dramatically decrease throughout pregnancy for a variety of reasons.
It is important to avoid blowing air into the vagina while pregnant because it has known to be dangerous.

Most classes provide education on pregnancy, childbirth, and infant care as well as encourage breast-feeding. The American Pregnancy Association recommends considering are a couple of questions to consider when choosing a class. If you live in California you can also check out the California Department of Health Services website or you can search online for the Department of Health corresponding to your residency. Remember to exercise at a comfortable, moderate level.  Exercise may not be advisable if you have any medical issues such as asthma, diabetes, and heart disease or a pregnancy related health problem.
Weight gain is the most significant in the second trimester with women gaining almost 6 to 7 kilograms during this period.Weight gain, however, differs from person to person and depends on a lot of factors like level of activity and genetics.
But there are certain suggestions that can help you know how to maintain healthy weight during pregnancy.1. But 20 grams of extra protein and 300 Kcal of extra energy is all you need to manage a healthy weight gain. Women who end up eating too much during pregnancy risk becoming obese and can develop problems like high blood pressure and gestational diabetes during the third trimester. Salads, Soups And Sandwiches:The typical Indian thali consisting of dal, chawal, roti, sabji, dahi and some salad is the best for a pregnant woman. Make A Conscious Choice:A healthy lifestyle is all about making a conscious choice when eating.
Spending time with your precious bundle of joy is a hundred times better than spending hours in the gym chasing a perfect figure.Now you know how to maintain weight during pregnancy.

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