How to induce pregnancy naturally

OVERDUE PREGNANCY One of the most commonly-cited reasons for induction is an overdue pregnancy. Vanessa's natural birth story shows that when birth is left alone to proceed as it should, it waits for no one - not even doctors or midwives. Yesterday, I shared with you why we chose not to schedule an induction with our first child. Stimulating your nipples can help release natural oxytocin hormones thus causing the uterus to contract. Click here for a 30-day free trial.Today, Leigh Ann, from Intentional by Grace is back–posting on 7 ways to naturally induce labor! However, because I was in first stage labor almost non-stop for a week, and was 90% effaced and 4 cm dilated at 39 weeks, we were ready to bring our baby into the world.

Raspberry Leaf Tea may not help induce labor directly, but it should play a key part in your overall birth plan. When taking the recommended dosage to induce labor, it can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea thus rendering you dehydrated and exhausted, which is not good for a laboring mama. I was 4 days late with my third and did not want to be induced like I was with the first, so I tried trick 4 on this list, it took about an hour, but it really kicked things into high gear.
Be sure to check out her earlier post on birthing at a birth center and her post yesterday about why she chose not to induce labor.
Of course, you will need to follow the guidance of your medical care and use your common sense before trying to naturally induce labor. Not to mention, you can throw in several other labor inducing techniques (see #1, #2 and #4 for ideas) (source).

However, it is effective and if it was between this and Pitocin, I would probably at least give castor oil a try. For some, stimulating your nipples is uncomfortable (me even saying it might make you blush), but this is truly an effective natural way to induce labor (source).
However, there are several other pressure points all over your body that could help induce labor as well as relieve labor discomfort. Please consult your trusted health professional before making any decisions regarding pregnancy or birthing.

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