How to have a baby girl sims 3 pets

To have a boy, have the pregnant woman in the relationship go to the food shop and buy around 10 apples.
Over the pregnancy, feed her the 10 apples and once she gives birth, it will be a baby boy. To have a girl, do the exact same thing as Step 1 but instead of 10 apples buy 10 watermelons.

This can be a good thing however if you want a certain gender this article will tell you how you can do it!
The day after trying for a baby, your Sim will feel nauseous and vomit a few times in the day. If both parents have the fertility treatment lifetime reward the chance of multiples will be much higher than if only one parent had the reward.

All you have to do is go to the buy catalog, go under "Outdoors", then under "Outdoor Activities" and there will be a birthday cake.

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