How to get ready to get pregnant

Classic story:  Woman is ready to get married, have babies and settle down, guy is not quite as ready.
Or, like many of us women who are (or were) thirty-something, career-driven, ambitious, fun-loving, free and single, something strikes and in the blink of an eye we’re ready to reproduce, with or without Prince Charming. From a Chinese perspective, getting a head start on nutrition and wellbeing before conception is the equivalent of boosting both your AND baby’s life-long savings accounts.

Take a vacation, lay in the sun, get a massage, bodywork, or acupuncture; do whatever you can to feel happy, healthy and relaxed. It will be a long and winding journey while your body changes in early, mid, and late pregnancy, and then there is the post-partum period.
While you’re at it, Real Fit Daddy suggests, you may also want to get some quality practice time in the bedroom as well!

See music shows, go to Cirque de Soleil, and get your fill of restaurants and bars that are not kid-friendly.

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