How to convince your parents to get another dog

Search good things about the new dog you want, and explain how this would improve your family life somehow. Show your parents how good you do with the first dog and make a presentation about the dog and how it will help you and your family. Make a list of what you will do before and after getting a small dog, like feeding, walking, cleaning up after it, etc.
Try to raise enough money to at least cover two thirds of the cost of supplies and the dog. Convince a friend to let you dog sit their dog, let your parents see how responsible you are, then ask for a dog again. If someone in your family is allergic, look into hypoallergenic dogs which are just as great. Always consider adoption, but be aware of the history of the dog, so that you can lead to the outcome of the dog in the future. If you have a scared family member or a baby in the house, it might be a good idea to get a crate and keep it in your room so you're showing your care.
For example: "A second dog is too much money!" Help pay for the costs of the dog with a job. Do not bug them over and over again, but find a less annoying way to show how much this new dog would mean to you. For example, you may want a specific small dog, but your parents want to think about it for awhile.

This is a great time to complete all your chores, like cleaning your room, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn.
If you accept their no maturely and let them think further, it could help you chances of getting a yes!
They will just think you're acting rude and be less keen to let you have a dog after the way you've been treating them and acting. Make sure you don't just want a dog for the sake of having a dog, which will spell disaster for both you and your new pet. Whining shows your parents that you are immature, which could reflect their decision of whether or not you are responsible enough for a dog. Please discuss this with your family and make sure nobody will have a reaction due to the dog's presence. Be super nice and responsible, and offer to take your first dog out whenever they need to go. Convincing, or persuading your parents to get a small dog can be hard, but if you follow a few steps then you may soon have a new best friend.
It would be better to let them think it through and you get another small dog, then pestering them about a specific small dog and they say no.
By completing your regular chores without your parents nagging you, you can show them how responsible you are.
Put some other breeds that you like too so that your parents can choose from the different breeds.

His favorite article he’s worked on is How to Watch Star Wars on Command Prompt, but the first edit he ever made was a spelling correction on How to Test for Diabetes in Cats. Act as though one not-nice thing will blow your chances of getting a second dog completely. Try writing your speech down or having one of your friends let you practice, make a presentation on the dog breed you want. Just act like its not there but you can talk about it sometimes, bring it everywhere you go, but don't bring the dog on the carpet, just on tile and hard-wood floor rooms! Do a persuasive letter (about 5-6 paragraphs) and explain reasons (3-4 reasons) of what a dog can do to your family (great guard dog, a loving companion, show responsibility, and that a dog will bring child-hood memories). Also remind them that you don't want that dog to go to just any home, you want it to go to a good, loving, caring family that will nurture it. Plus, it will teach you to be more responsible and help you be a good multitasker since you have to care for TWO dogs!

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