How to conceive a healthy baby girl

Ms Griffiths had to see a high-risk maternity doctor and had scans every two weeks to monitor the growth of her unborn baby. Ms Griffiths is determined to continue treatment and reach a healthy weight to be a good role model for her two children. But she desperately tried to gain weight and eventually gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Dylan, now aged two.Dylan weighed 5lb 10oz and, to her relief, was unharmed by her anorexia. Many people would prefer to have a boy, perhaps as their first-born, or simply to complete their family, once they have had their girl. Before you learn some handy tips on conceiving a boy, you should know certain facts about the male sperm. We made many couples into their happy life with a healthy cute baby with our simple formula and reversed their infertility!

While many of the methods and tips on how to get pregnant with a boy are not guaranteed 100%, using these tips and putting them into practice will definitely increase the chances of having a boy. In addition to obstetric care we also provide guidance and treatment for various women’s health concerns including: Contraceptive Health, Breast Cancer Screening, STD Screening, Menopausal Care, Infertility and Preventive health.
Once you understand these facts, you will be able to time your intercourse properly and then increase the chances of having a baby boy. If you say yes, then you are one of that millions of success couples who reversed their infertility & got healthy baby by following our success formula! We are the featured doctors in the popular TV series “Deliver Me” (now on Discovery Fit and Health, formerly on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network) and we have a new series "Mommy Docs" in development for public television. You may have standing sex or the woman on the stomach, so woman will definitely enjoy conceiving a boy.

Try the ovulation predictor kit, which has become really famous, and which is more reliable than the natural calendar method (since you may forget things when you are using this method).The joys of conceiving a son are definitely great, but you need to have your timings and positions right. If you have been planning your family, according to ‘one boy, one girl’ motto, then you wouldn’t really like this.

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