How to conceive a baby after vasectomy

The possibility of getting pregnant after a vasectomy, without surgery to reverse the vasectomy, is very rare.  A vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure done to make the man sterile by severing the line that produces sperm.
The bottom line is that if you are unsure of whether or not you want another child, you should hold off on a vasectomy in the first place.
A vasectomy is when the vas deferens is tied off to prevent sperm from exiting during ejaculation. It is important to take the time to discuss with your partner why he had the procedure, and how his thoughts might have changed since then. If your partner is not fully committed, it might take some soul-searching to determine whether having a baby is really the best idea.
It is also recommended to drive your partner home after the procedure as he will likely be experiencing some pain and discomfort. Most men are fine with over-the-counter pain medications and do not need anything stronger; however, it is an option to receive prescription pain medication from the doctor if your partner needs it. Understand that if your partner's vasectomy is successfully reversed, you will be able to get pregnant as any other couple would.
Note that this also means that the man is no longer "sterile" (that is, the vasectomy is no longer functioning as birth control), so the two of you will need to discuss alternate methods for contraception after the pregnancy is over.

One of the main reasons that IVF is chosen is that the vasectomy reversal was unsuccessful, and the couple is still determined to have biological children of their own. Know that if your partner is unsuccessful having his vasectomy reversed, or if the option of IVF is too expensive, there are other ways (such as adoption) of having children in your life. If you do not have the money for IVF and a vasectomy reversal is too expensive or not possible, consider using a sperm donor. This version of How to Get Pregnant if Your Partner Had a Vasectomy was reviewed by Lacy Windham, M.D.
The procedure is mean to be a permanent method to prevent pregnancy for men who do not want any more children but, in some cases, the desire to have more children arises after a vasectomy is performed. Some doctors are able to reverse the vasectomy even after another doctor has tried and failed at said reversal, but it should be noted that the chances of success for each subsequent reversal attempt decrease by 8-10%. It is considered a permanent form of birth control.[1] However, if you and your partner later decide that you want to have a baby, there are some options you can consider. The urologist can also assess your partner to see if he has any specific fertility problems, other than the vasectomy. Sometimes couples will hold off on sex for up to a few weeks after the procedure, as some men experience discomfort (and occasionally some blood) with ejaculation.

Speak to your doctor about how many embryos he or she recommends to have implanted in your specific case.
Make sure you have talked at length with your partner about it before embarking on the journey, and that you have decided together how much money and effort you are willing to put into this. Generally, the longer amount of time there is between the vasectomy and the vasectomy reversal, the lesser the chance of being able to impregnate becomes.
The pain experienced after a vasectomy procedure is usually nothing more than the pain experienced after the initial vasectomy procedure, and it is fairly easy to get back into the swing of things soon afterward.
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The initial vasectomy procedure cut through the vas deferens to prevent sperm transport during ejaculation.

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